Dagmar Fritz-Kramer receives the 2023 German Environmental Award 

Thanks to her pioneering spirit, her courageous approach to ecology, and her commitment to the turnaround in the construction industry, Baufritz CEO Dagmar Fritz-Kramer has brought home one of the most highly recognised environmental awards: The 2023 German Environmental Award presented by the Federal Foundation for the Environment (DBU) , which she shares with climate researcher Prof. Friederike Otto. There were real goosebump moments during the commendation by German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, himself the son of a carpenter, who grew up loving the smell of wood. He was also delighted by the fact that our CEO had arrived with a busload of Baufritz employees. 

“I've been doing the award for a few years now, but no one has ever come with such a fan club”. 

Steinmeier recognised Dagmar Fritz-Kramer’s tireless passion for innovation as “a special kind of stubbornness in the best sense of the word – a commitment that is aligned to the objectives of our society, and points out new ways and a new direction. We urgently need this to turn the construction tide. It’s time to rethink. Time to rebuild.” The prestigious award expressly honours Dagmar Fritz-Kramer's achievements in renovating and extending existing buildings. Not to forget new buildings, of course, where Baufritz has proven expertise in constructing both single-family homes and apartment blocks. “Wood is a wonderful raw material”, as Steinmeier emphasised.  

Federal President Steinmeier is the best ambassador for Baufritz prefabricated construction.  

This recognition as an ecological pioneer is a first in the construction industry. At the award ceremony in Lübeck, Steinmeier was also critical of manufacturers and construction companies that still build with sand and concrete - finite building materials that, unlike wood, do not grow back and are often highly polluted. The Office of the Federal President even has a temporary building made with modular timber elements: “Construction was completed in a short time. It has a pleasant indoor climate and is very popular with the staff.” Which draws the conversation back to Baufritz. After all, Dagmar Fritz-Kramer has initiated a change in mindset, and her pioneering work is bearing fruit, as Steinmeier reported. “Building with wood has taken on a whole new relevance, I would even say urgency.” 

Secretary General Bonde acknowledges Baufritz lighthouse function for the construction industry

“Lighthouses bring light into the darkness,” said Alexander Bonde, Secretary General of the DBU, “It takes confidence and courage to move from knowledge to action,” he said, acknowledging the company’s pioneering role in an industry that needs to find new ways to create environmentally sound living spaces.

Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke called for a shift from protecting nature and the environment to include people, and has already announced her plan to visit the Baufritz headquarters. 

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