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New England style design encapsulates all that is welcoming and convivial about the English house. With our grand house designs, we have ensured that all of our New England style homes are spacious and comfortable as well as eco-friendly and energy efficient.

The British home is all about family, friends and community so what's not better than to have an ample living space, where you can relax, spend time with your family and invite friends around for the weekend?

With our New England house plans, you will have plenty of space for a dinner party or BBQ and many lovely nooks for reading in. One of the key features of New England style design is a spacious veranda and is something that you can always expect when you opt for a house with New England style design from us. A veranda is a wonderful place for lounging with a book or with friends, or for entertaining guests when the weather is fine.

The great thing about New England architecture is that our New English houses will help you to create your dream home no matter where they are built. Whether they are placed in a city location or a rural plot of land, at the end of a terrace or on top of a hill overlooking a big city, by their design, they will create an authentic taste of New England living. Peace, comfort and style are right at the heart of these New England house plans, so if you want to make a house a home, then this style of the house is a great choice. The whole focus of a New England home is what is most important in life: you and the other inhabitants of the home! Make the most of every feature in your New England Style Home. Enjoy the new British house with an original twist. Designed by you, built by Baufritz. 

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