This eco-friendly house designed by architect Magnus Nilsson shows how modern timber architecture harmonises with English brick-clad Victorian terraces. Designed as a low energy house for healthy living, it boasts excellent thermal insulation values thanks to triple-glazed windows and the Baufritz wall construction. Only natural materials free of chemicals were used in building the house. The timber was logged from certified sustainable forests, and the shell is 100% biodegradable if broken down into its components.

Fact sheet

Roof shape
Flat roof
Dimensions in m
18.20 x 8.20
Gross External Area in ft² (incl. basement if present)

Contemporary urban architecture in wood


Magnus Nilsson

"Due to the enclosed nature of the site, the windows are carefully arranged to ensure long, uninterrupted vistas, lending an unexpected, choreographed sense of grandness to the otherwise efficient use of space in the house."

Floor plans

Ground Floor

First Floor