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Close to the bustling city, yet far from suburbia and mundane life. With a high quality of life, plenty of cultural opportunities and excellent transport connections. A Baufritz townhouse strikes a balance between space and time, short distances and healthy living. 

Whether you have a large building site in an prime position, or want to make the most of a left-over plot of land, our architects will find a solution to suit your needs. You can be the proud owner of a timber frame townhouse by Baufritz. Welcome home.

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Have you set your heart on a townhouse or villa? Our house planners will help to turn your dreams into reality - down to the last detail.

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What is a townhouse?

A Baufritz townhouse is a family home with two storeys. Situated near the city centre or on the outskirts of a town, it is ideal for people who want to live in a central but peaceful location. It offers all the advantages of city life, such as short journeys to work and school, with shops, hairdressers and doctors' surgeries all close by. Home-owners who decide to build a townhouse love this sense of freedom.

The architecture and interiors of a townhouse have a timeless elegance. Baufritz combines superior quality building materials with beautiful details – inside and out. Compared to a Scandinavian-style house, for example, a townhouse can feature modern elements and clean lines.

What are the typical features of a modern townhouse?

  • two storeys
  • large living area
  • energy-efficient build
  • modern interiors
  • light-filled, open rooms
  • square floorplan

A Baufritz townhouse combines a discerning urban lifestyle with a healthy living environment. That means you can live in the city centre while enjoying the healthy air in your eco home.

A townhouse with a contemporary, energy efficient construction

A townhouse has a generous floor plan that gives you plenty of scope. Unlike a bungalow, which has only one level, in a townhouse you have plenty of space to plan your rooms on two storeys. From a light-flooded kitchen/dining/family room with floor-to-ceiling windows to a hobby room or sauna – anything is possible.

Due to the size of a townhouse, the focus in planning it should be on energy efficiency. Our energy experts will advise you on the many different ways to reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions. For example, by storing solar energy on the roof.

Planning your prefab townhouse

Baufritz turns your dreams of a luxurious townhouse into reality. We will build your contemporary home at the heart of town or on the outskirts. We use a high-quality prefabricated construction method with individual wooden elements that we assemble on site. In close collaboration with our Baufritz architects, we will design your prefabricated townhouse to suit your style.

How about a covered patio, where you can relax with your family and friends. You might consider a rain shower in the bathroom. Why not plan a kitchen with a central island and a living area with floor-to-ceiling windows. Or add unusual elements inside the house to special effect or a an elegant façade on the outside.


Build the eco home of your dreams in the city

Even if you live in the middle of town, you can still promote your health. Thanks to our sophisticated ecological construction method, we create a healthy climate inside your townhouse. You can breathe in pure air due to:

  • 100% healthy, sustainable materials
  • CO2-controlled ventilation systems
  • no PU construction foam or toxic adhesives
  • indoor air quality measurement system
  • protection from electro-smog
  • allergy-friendly construction, for example, with a pollen shower, pollen filter and more
  • innovative, new-generation LED lighting
  • sustainability plot survey

At Baufritz, our philosophy is to treat the planet respectfully. We will build a beautiful eco villa in the city, where you and your family can live with a good conscience. We inspect all the material we use in detail to guarantee sustainability and comfort.

What does a townhouse cost to build?

Together with our modern house and country house plans, a Baufritz townhouse is one of our most popular designs. It offers you a large living area over two levels with the freedom to design the rooms according to your own needs.

Our Baufritz consultants will help you assess the budget for the build realistically. That way, you will already have a good idea of all the costs involved in building your dream home before planning starts.

Arrange an initial consultation with Baufritz: Give us a call!

Building your own home is a major decision. You may have a lot of questions about this momentous project that you would like to talk through with the experts. Perhaps you are wondering whether a townhouse is the right choice or whether another build, such as a Bauhaus-style home or a chalet suits you better?

Take advantage of our many years of experience in building ecological houses. We are there to help you from the start with honest, clear assessments. That way, you can plan the perfect townhouse that best meets your needs. Just phone us to make an appointment for a free initial consultation.