The challenge of this project was to build a house that incorporates the client's fondness for the architecture of tropical countries (above all Bali), while fitting in with the local style. The result is a structure built with great attention to detail that cleverly combines various pitched roofs with a flat roof. The ivory render façade at the front of the house with narrow, almost floor-to-ceiling windows, the imposing entrance and the chic bay windows arouse curiosity. Yet from the beautiful, park-like garden with mature trees at the rear, the house shows a completely different side. Made almost entirely of glass, it has a graceful, light appearance.

Fact sheet

Roof shape
Mono pitch roof
Dimensions in m
19.37 x 17.71
Gross External Area in ft² (incl. basement if present)

Townhouse with Balinese flair


Peter Cox

"Baufritz's holistic construction concept combining aesthetics, design and ecology immediately convinced the Patels. Their love of Far Eastern architecture and interior design influenced their house design. The result is a sanctuary for the senses. The unique lighting concept creates a seamless transition from the living area to the garden, creating a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere that makes you forget the hustle and bustle of London." 

Floor plans

Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor