Contemporary details combined with traditional craftsmanship create a strong first impression in this distinctive family home. The client’s keen eye for design and appreciation of beauty are evident in the intricate detailing and unique features throughout the house. It was built using state-of-the-art construction technology combined with a traditional oak frame handcrafted by a Baufritz carpenter. The building ensemble is composed of three interlinked, pitched-roof structures enclosed by a flint wall. The entire construction demonstrates an exceptional level of detailing. This is the second house the client has built with Baufritz. It was designed by British architects McLean Quinlan and manufactured offsite by Baufritz. The house is set in landscaped grounds with a tennis court, a swimming pool with an outdoor shower, and an outdoor kitchen and dining area.

Fact sheet

Roof shape
Pitched roof
Dimensions in m
28.90 x 26.40
Gross External Area in ft² (incl. basement if present)

A contemporary take on a traditional barn-style design


Kate Quinlan, Alastair Bowden and Fiona McLean

“This sustainable, modern house combines traditional elements and beautiful, practical interiors. Three pitched roof volumes define the different areas of the house, linked by generous 'in-between' spaces. Stone walls blur the boundaries between the building and surrounding gardens. The heart of the home is a barn-like structure inspired by a historic outbuilding on the site, with open views to the south.” 

Photo: Ivan Jones

Blending tradition with innovation

The highlight of this house is the “New Barn” with an elaborate vaulted ceiling handcrafted by a Baufritz carpenter using traditional joinery techniques that date back to the 16th century. Contemporary frameless windows have been incorporated into the oak frame across the entire length of the building and offer unobstructed views to the south. The gable walls are finished with a natural clay plaster.

The heart of the family home

The spacious living and dining area has a warm, cosy feel despite the substantial size of the room. This is created by the use of oak panelling along the walls and the double-sided fireplace set in a bespoke module with shelving and seating that separates the living area from the dining room and kitchen.

Floor plans

Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Traditional and local materials

The house is set back from the road on a south-facing sloping site. The organic layout of the home allows it to blend perfectly with its surroundings and creates a sense of luxury. This is accentuated by the choice of natural materials, such as locally sourced flint, handmade clay tiles, as well as sustainably grown European timber.

Seamless indoor / outdoor transition

The flint wall wraps around into the entrance hall, linking the indoor and outdoor spaces. A floor-to-ceiling glass pane adds to this effect. The layout of the house and the bespoke interiors are highly contemporary, with outstanding details and unique features.

good things come in twos

This is the client’s second Baufritz home after House Crichton, built in 2011. Although they differ in style, the similarities are evident to the discerning eye.

To the family's first house


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