The clients came to Baufritz with a clear design in mind. They wanted a modern house in the Bauhaus style, constructed using the highest quality materials with an excellent energy efficiency rating. The building was also to cater for reduced mobility often associated with older age. The completed build adheres to the Bauhaus design principle of "form follows function" - simple but elegant geometric shapes that fulfil the intended function or purpose of the building. The result is a house that demonstrates stunning simplicity and aesthetic beauty.

Fact sheet

Roof shape
Flat roof
Dimensions in m
16.95 x 13.82
Gross External Area in ft² (incl. basement if present)

Indoor - outdoor living in comfort and style

CEO Baufritz (UK) Ltd.

Oliver Rehm

"The clients wanted a house that was comfortable without being fussy. They were delighted with the result. The finished design in the Bauhaus style radiates a special flair. The house was designed without unnecessary embellishments to create a more age-appropriate living environment."

Floor plans

Ground Floor

First Floor