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Visionary modern house design

You have always been a step ahead of the rest, an early adopter, setting trends rather than following them? Now you have the chance to express your individualilty in a Baufritz modern house. Feel free to design it exactly as you want it. Welcome to your future home!

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Give your modern house a one-of-a-kind design. Our house planners will help to turn your dreams into reality - down to the last detail.

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What is a modern house?

A modern house is a unique architectural gem. Its original style sets it apart and promises a new vision of future living. Fans of exceptional modern architecture will find  plenty to like in these contemporary house designs. They transcend the conventional limitations of house construction and find spectacular solutions to multiple challenges.

A modern home borrows elements from various house styles and shakes them up or interprets them in a new way. This is what distinguishes it from a prefabricated house. You might choose to integrate elements of a Bauhaus design in your project, or the features of a chalet. Use your imagination and build your unique home.

As well as having a contemporary design, a Baufritz modern home:

  • overcomes specific structural challenges
  • blends into its surroundings
  • has functional (living) areas
  • incorporates innovative power technology
  • guarantees a healthy living environment

Modern architecture for your modern home

Do you have unusual details in mind for your home, such as a wraparound patio or an offset, mono-pitched roof? With a modern house from Baufritz, you can build the home of your dreams, planned by an architect to your specifications. The interiors are also one-of-a-kind, with attractive features such as glazing above the bathtub or sandstone floors.

Baufritz makes sure that your modern house meets all requirements in terms of energy efficiency, performance and  healthy living. If the plot you have found poses particular challenges, we also find the right solutions.

Building your healthy home with certified eco materials

You want to live a long and happy life in your modern home. Maybe you want to bring up your children there or have pets. Baufritz guarantees the wellbeing of all occupants at all times with a focus on healthy living. For example, you can build your home as a timber frame house using natural wood.

Enjoy the many advantages:

  • materials certified free of harmful substances
  • perceptibly healthy indoor air
  • assessment of your plot
  • electro-smog protection
  • allergy-friendly construction
  • healthy lighting

Can I use renewable energy sources in my modern home?

Baufritz houses have a very special appeal with outstanding architecture and innovative energy concepts that can help to reduce your energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The principle of energy optimisation is taken into account from the start in the planning process and tailored to your needs, plot and budget.

For example, you can build your modern home as a passive house or a solar house. But there are plenty of other ways to save a  significant amount of energy. We will advise you about the options for your architect-designed house, always with a view to sustainability and economic efficiency.

A flat roof for greater living comfort

Many builder-owners who are planning a modern home choose a flat roof. This popular roof option is also ideal for a bungalow or the car-port of a New England-style house. It can double up as a roof terrace for relaxing on or be used to generate solar energy.

There are many different roof types to choose from. Whether you opt for a flat roof, a solid timber roof, a pent roof, a hipped roof or another style altogether, we will implement your ideas and turn your dream of a superior quality, self-designed home into reality.

What does an architect-designed modern house cost?

Modern homes are in the upper price tier. They give you the freedom to show your individuality or reinterpret different architectural elements. Our architects will plan your modern house professionally to incorporate unique details and furnishings. If you prefer to build your house in a different style, we recommend our prefabricated homes in a townhouse or country house design.

Our experts will support you throughout the planning phase. In a one-on-one interview, we will answer any questions you might have and give you candid advice on the costs of your modern house.