Terrassenansicht von Schauer


This chalet features well-proportioned living spaces and carefully curated finishes, as well as direct access to the outdoors from almost all rooms. A particular highlight are the wrap around terraces and balconies that offer shelter from wind and rain. The first floor balconies boast elegant sliding screens that provide both shade and privacy for the generously glazed façade.

Fact sheet

Roof shape
Pitched roof
Dimensions in m
14. x 10.0
Gross External Area in ft² (incl. basement if present)
Garten und Terrasse von Schauer

Celebrating the indoor-outdoor lifestyle


Georg Schauer

"In designing this eco-friendly house, the idea was to blend traditional and modern elements. The result is a combination of large roof overhangs and a generously glazed façade. The windows allow plenty of natural light into the home and make it feel one with its surroundings. A double sided fireplace divides the living space into two open-plan areas - ideal for romantic moments in the winter."

eingedeckter Tisch auf Terrasse
Kamin von Schauer
Kamin und Küche mit Esstisch von Schauer
Badezimmer von Schauer
Eingangsbereich mit Garage von Schauer
Balkon und Dachuntersicht von Schauer
Außenansicht mit Garten von Schauer
Balkonbeschattung von oben von Schauer

Floor plans

Ground Floor

Grundriss Englisch Ergeschoss von Schauer

First Floor

Grundriss Englisch Obergeschoss von Schauer