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Form follows function! The Bauhaus movement is based on the principles of functionality and design. Be inspired by the clean lines pioneered by Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus school. A Bauhaus-style home combines discerning aesthetics with functionality, and timeless, simple design with exclusive architecture.

But not only that, a prefabricated Bauhaus-style home from Baufritz is also sustainable, made using the highest quality materials that you will only find in a Baufritz house.

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Realise your vision of a Bauhaus-style timber home. Our house planners will help to turn your dreams into reality - down to the last detail.

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What's makes a Bauhaus-style home exceptional?

A simple design and clean lines – that's what makes a Bauhaus house so distinctive. The architecture is eye-catching with its unmistakable cubic form and characteristic flat roof. A typical Bauhaus-style modern home offers plenty of space on several levels with large glass façades and open-plan, light-flooded rooms.

Baufritz turns your vision of modern living into reality, whether in an urban setting or natural surroundings. Our architects will design the floor plan and architecture to match your specifications.

If you are looking for a smaller home, why not take a look at our chalets.

What you can expect from our Bauhaus house designs:

  • individually planned
  • stylish, cubic design
  • modern architecture based on the Bauhaus school
  • option of open-plan living space
  • a flat roof that doubles as a rooftop terrace
  • no pitched roof for optimum use of space
  • plenty of light thanks to large windows

What does Bauhaus architecture look like inside?

Thanks to its unmistakable cubic form, the interior of a Bauhaus-style house is spacious with two or three levels. The rooms can be separate or combined, for example in an open living/dining area with breathtaking views through floor-to-ceiling windows.

How about a bathroom with large windows overlooking woodland or even a nearby lake? Or a canopied terrace you can step out onto from the dining area after waking up, with a cappuccino in your hand. What better and more relaxing way to start the morning in your Bauhaus home.

What kind of terrace suits a Bauhaus design?

You can enlarge your living area with a wonderful terrace where you can sit outdoors with family and friends. A terrace is perfect for a barbecue, an evening playing games with the children, or simply for relaxing. Your terrace can be:

  • at ground level
  • on top of a flat roof or a carport or garage
  • covered

Unwind on the terrace of your Bauhaus home. Read a book while enjoying the sun, or move your home office outdoors.

Custom-made: We will build your dream home

We will build your turnkey Bauhaus-style home for you step-by-step, based on your specifications. We want you to feel at home. Our experts take the time to talk through every detail of the house with you before actual planning starts.

Throughout the entire planning and construction phase, we are open to suggestions from you. Whether you want a bright reading room, a solar-heat pump or corner-surround windows, our consultants and architects will design the house together with you. Functionality, comfort and healthy living are at the forefront of the planning process the entire time.

What design elements add a special touch to a Bauhaus house?

  • fireplaces
  • kitchen with a central island
  • merged dining and living area
  • sauna
  • generous spa
  • floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors
  • outdoor kitchen on the terrace
  • conservatory

Build your Bauhaus-style house with natural materials

At Baufritz we are guided by our philosophy "Good for people and nature". You can be sure of the following when you build a prefabricated Baufritz home:

  • environmentally friendly house technology
  • healthy indoor climate
  • eco insulation
  • natural materials that have been tested for harmful substances
  • certified construction materials
  • an assessment of the plot before building starts, if required.

A prefabricated Bauhaus-style home – perfect for families

Many families who are looking to build their own home choose a townhouse or country house design. But a timber-frame house in the Bauhaus style is also ideally suited to living with children. It offers you and your children ample space for living, playing, working and relaxing. For example, a flat roof offers sufficient head height for bunk beds in the children's rooms, or tall shelving in the home office.

In a Bauhaus home, you can keep an eye on even the youngest members of the family. While dad cooks dinner in the kitchen, he can watch what the kids are doing in the living room next door. With an open-plan design, you can effortlessly combine household chores and child care.

Building a semi-detached Bauhaus-style home

We also offer advice on planning a stylish semi-detached home in the Bauhaus style. Thanks to the clean lines of this architectural style, there's no problem combining two houses and using the plot to its best advantage. Two houses can be merged into one, while retaining two separate outdoor areas.

As an alternative to a Bauhaus house, why not choose a country house for your semi-detached home. Generally, we recommend that both home builders discuss the matters in detail. We offer our expertise and advice about our prefabricated houses and architect-designed modern houses.