Garten und Terrasse von Tessin


This impressive house in the Bauhaus style comprises three structures - the main house, a guest house and a spa - that harmonise with one another as well as with the landscaped gardens and the beautiful surroundings of Lake Maggiore. The large windows facing the garden allow light into the interior, while secluded outdoor areas offer protection against the elements.

Fact sheet

Roof shape
Flat roof
Dimensions in m
43.60 x 16.75
Gross External Area in ft² (incl. basement if present)
Rasen und Terrassenbereich von Tessin

Elegant ensemble in the Bauhaus style

Interior Archi

Thomas Zoller

"The client wanted a spacious, modern villa with a swimming pool and a separate wing for their adult son or for guests. The challenge for Baufritz was to create an ensemble of buildings that blends with the landscape and makes the most of the nearby mountains, while accommodating the owner's wishes for privacy. The result is a luxury villa with stunning mountain views."

Dämmerungsaufnahme Glasfront und Lounge-Ecke von Tessin
Wohnzimmer und Esszimmer von Tessin
Treppenhaus innen von Tessin
Badezimmer von Tessin
Schlafzimmer von Tessin
Eingangsbereich von Tessin
Dachterrasse von Tessin
Außenansicht von Tessin
Seitenanischt von Tessin mit Eingang
Garage und Eingangsbereich von Tessin
Außenanischt von Garage und Eingangsbereich mit Tor

Floor plans

Ground Floor

Grundriss englisch von Tessin Ergeschoss

First Floor

Grundriss englisch von Tessin Dachgeschoss