Consistently sustainable construction

If you want a home that is healthy, carbon-neutral, energy-efficient and eco-friendly, then it has to be built sustainably. Baufritz designs and builds sustainable homes using natural materials. For your health and the environment.

For a carbon-neutral home, timber is the answer.

Why build with bricks or cement when you can have wood? We use only certified timber grown in sustainably managed European forests. Our suppliers can vouch for that.

Wood is a renewable resource that benefits the climate – from production to construction and even disposal. Timber accounts for around 85 % of the material used in a Baufritz house in terms of volume. Our timber is durable, free from chemicals and captures vast amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere – on average 50 tonnes per house after deducting the environmental impact from construction and transport. That’s more than the carbon emissions an average mid-range vehicle with an annual mileage of 10,000 km produces over 20 years.

Timber – for your peace of heart and mind.

Using the sun’s energy to empower you.

At Baufritz, we harness the power of the sun every day in our work and in our lives. We have banked on renewable energy since 2008 and generate a large share of the electricity for our timber house production ourselves. This comes from photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of our show homes, offices and production halls in Erkheim. We even produce enough to run our fleet of electric and diesel hybrid vehicles. That way, we avoid huge amounts of radioactive waste and CO2. The climate targets we have set ourselves are not just abstract figures – they are a matter close to our hearts. Our employees even had the idea of establishing a utility company and buying shares in it to fund this photovoltaic system. At Baufritz we welcome innovative ideas.

We want to set a shining example.

Become a climate protector. Plant a tree.

As a renewable building material, wood shapes our lives. We want it to stay that way so that everyone can benefit from a green, healthy environment in the future, too. To make this possible, we have planted our own forest with more than 15,000 trees – because that’s where climate protection begins. The project is endorsed by well-known climate activists, like the German Green Party politician Claudia Roth. We are also helping to reforest protected woodland in the Allgäu region of Germany as well as returning former ski slopes to their natural state. To counteract the exploitation and looting of timber in South America, we have donated 12,000 trees to plant a forest in Mexico. As a special offer, we can plant a tree in our forest on your behalf. Just let us know.

Join our climate protection team.

Healthy living with Baufritz

Many house builders, architects and home owners are just catching on to the concept of building healthy homes. We already have decades of experience. Thank you for placing your trust in us. Because when it comes to your health, there should be no compromises.

Learn more about healthy living

We are experts when it comes to building healthy homes


We are proud that Baufritz measurement technicians are among the best in their field. Trained at the Institute of Building Biology and Sustainability (IBN) in Rosenheim, Germany, they pass on their knowledge at training courses and cutting-edge conferences.

We also work with independent experts and advisers from renowned professional associations, research institutes and universities to hone our products and technology and ensure that they are scientifically sound. 

Baufritz’s expertise in healthy living and sustainability is recognised as being unique in the industry.