This stately country house set in a leafy, north-west London suburb conveys a sense of open space, yet is within commuting distance of the city. It is designed as a classical villa along the lines of revivalist architecture from the past century, with façade ornamentation and classical elements. First impressions on approaching the house underscore this: a front door under a pitched roof canopy with white stone pillars, and large windows with white glazing bars. A projecting gable with a circular window provides a nautical touch.

Fact sheet

Roof shape
Hipped roof
Dimensions in m
14.43 x 17.57
Gross External Area in ft² (incl. basement if present)

A modern take on classical design

CEO Baufritz (UK) Ltd.

Oliver Rehm

"This spacious country house combines elements of a classical mansion with modern features. The entrance is framed by white stone pillars and large windows with glazing bars, while the rear of the house reveals a modern living space with a generous veranda and floor-to-ceiling windows." 

A feeling of space

On entering the house, the stylish entrance hall with its harmonious proportions creates a wonderful sense of grandeur. This is reflected in the spacious design of the rooms.


The Atherton family

“I love the fact that after six years of living here, there are no problems at all. Everything works perfectly. We had a good feeling with Baufritz from the start. And now we have exactly what we wanted.”

Floor plans

Ground Floor

First Floor