As the Russell family grew, they decided to move out of their small cottage and bought an adjacent plot. Together with architect Peter Cox, they came up with a design that remedied everything that was wrong with their old house. "In the past we didn't use much of the space on the ground floor, such as the reception areas or the large living room. Everyone wanted to be in the kitchen. In the new house, we have created a large living room around the kitchen, radically breaking down the traditional concept of a separate kitchen, living room, entrance hall and dining room."

Fact sheet

Roof shape
Flat roof
Timber and render
Gross External Area in ft² (incl. basement if present)
Dimensions in m
30.04 x 22.46
Special features

An ingenious design with a feeling of space


Peter Cox

"The Russells' house combines efficiency with comfort. The large living room arranged around the kitchen is big enough for the entire family. The modern Bauhaus style and corresponding interiors offer plenty of room while creating a feeling of space. In addition, the large, floor-to-ceiling windows let the warmth of the sun into the house in the winter, while the shades keep the rooms cool in the summer."

Floor plans

Ground Floor