Country house

With nature in mind

Your sanctuary in the midst of nature. Enjoy the peace and leisurely pace in the countryside  – every day! A Baufritz country house stands for stylish, sustainable design in a rural setting. Whether you dream of a grand country manor or a cosy family cottage, a classical or more playful design – we give you absolute freedom to choose a sustainable country home built to your specifications.

A country house with style

Our house planners will show you how stylish your future country house can be. We will help to turn your dreams into reality - down to the last detail.

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Build your individual country home in harmony with nature

Relax and enjoy the peace in your home in the countryside. Choose a country house to suit your tastes: traditional, with a gabled roof, with extra height in the entrance area, or several storeys high. Whether you are looking to plan a country home or a townhouse –  Baufritz will turn your home and lifestyle dreams into reality.

A traditional or modern country house?

A traditional country home has a unique charm, as does a modern home or a house in the Bauhaus style. The colour and texture of a classical timber façade is aesthetically pleasing and blends with the rural surroundings. A modern render or glass façade, on the other hand, combines a contemporary look with typical elements of a country house design.

What roof is best suited to your country home?

A country house with a gabled roof is attractive and offers many advantages over other roof types. It can withstand strong wind and weather conditions and requires little maintenance. Rainwater runs off the roof without any problems due to the steep incline, and it dries quickly and reliably.

Allternatively, you can choose a pyramid hip roof with a flat incline or a clipped gable roof with details such as dormers and windows with glazing bars.

Building a multi-storey country home

In a multi-storey country house, an attractive country house-style staircase links the different levels. The spacious living area can be elegantly partitioned - for example with an entrance hall, a fireside room or a guest room. A country house also offers space for an office, a yoga room or an artist's studio.

The view from the upper floors can best be enjoyed from a balcony. For example, a semi-circular balcony outside the master bedroom, will give you a feeling of wellbeing in your own home.

Rest and recuperate on the patio of your country house

Many country houses have a patio or deck, which is ideal for relaxing after a strenuous day. A patio can be a tranquil haven on a balmy summer evening. Transform your house into a wonderful American dream home with a generous patio or deck. Enjoy nature from the comfort of your own home.


A covered patio protects you from both direct sun and rain. The patio or deck acts as an extention of the house interior, giving you extra space to enjoy the fresh air and take a break from your day-to-day routine.

Country house-style living room and bedrooms

Traditionally, a country house was a functional building that offered shelter to humans and animals. Even today, the rustic appearance and down-to-earth comforts of a country house are good reasons for choosing this architectural style. The living room and bedrooms have a romantic flair that is augmented by views of the garden and surrounding nature. A fireplace is the highlight of any country home and enhances its cosy character. What could be better than a warming fire on a cold winter's evening?

A large living room, ideally with  classic, simple wooden furniture, is a place where family and friends can gather.  Round bay windows and other charming details, such as stucco, are also often found in country homes. Beyond that, there are many ways to add modern or classical style elements to the living room and bedrooms.

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Bathroom and kitchen - simple yet stylish

At the heart of every country house is the kitchen. This has a long tradition that stretches back to the 19th century. Create a unique, country-style kitchen area with plenty of space to cook and enjoy the good things in life. A kitchen in a rustic style doesn't mean you have to do without modern equipment.

A free-standing bathtub, a sauna, or a separate children's bathroom – design your bathroom the way you want it. A modern bathroom encapsulates the charm of a traditional country house while offering all the comfort you expect from your new home. Relax in your bathroom with views of the surrounding nature.