Interior design

Design is our passion. We welcome your ideas and celebrate creativity. We work tirelessly to help you create a home that tells your unique story. A story that is reflected in a rustic oak flooring, a one-of-a-kind lamp or a piece of hand-made furniture. With professional advice to deliver results of the highest quality. 

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Tour our state-of-the-art HausSchneiderei design centre from the comfort of your own home and get an idea of what is possible with Baufritz. Dubbed "house building heaven" by designer and TV presenter Kevin McCloud, the HouseSchneiderei is where your ideas come true and your house becomes a unique home.

Why not come to Erkheim and see our show homes, the HausSchneiderei and our production facilities with your own eyes. We would be delighted to take you on a real-life guided tour. If you call us for an appointment, our architects and designers can take the first steps to turn your dream house into reality.

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Your home, your personal style

Your home reveals a lot about who you are - especially if it has been designed in your own, personal style. Interior design should be functional and set the mood in your home, as well as reflecting your personality. Our Baufritz interior design specialists create your one-of-a-kind home with carefully planned spaces and rooms that suit your lifestyle. Our experts take you by the hand from the start. They inspire you with creative ideas, impress you with their expertise, and give you peace of mind with every decision you make. After all, this is your future home.

Anja Hitzler

Veronika Müller

Yvonne Nieberle

Alina Rapke

Sandra Richter

Fabian Stadler

Daniel Wagner

Thomas Zoller

Linda Wiebel

Clara Ledermann

Thoroughly thought-through

You don't need to worry about designing and planning your home - we will take care of it for you. Baufritz offers a comprehensive service that covers everything. From the biggest decisions down to the smallest details. From organising the essentials to the enjoyable parts, like planning your bathroom, sauna or lighting concept.
That is part of our philosophy. Our bathroom, lighting and wellness experts make sure that everything is done just the way you want it. But what can you do with all that extra time on your hands? Sit back while we plan and build your home; and once it has been completed, simply relax – in your very own Baufritz home.

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Introducing our partners

Many people find sampling the most exciting part of building their own home. This is where you choose the details and the internal and external finishes for your house.

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