Healthy lighting

Most people only realise what healthy lighting means when they compare it with conventional lamps. But many products available on the market today have a poor light quality, a short life cycle and high levels of pollutants. That is not good enough for Baufritz.

Shedding light on contaminants.


Energy-saving light bulbs that contain mercury and standard LEDs can be harmful to your well-being and your health. That’s because the electronics integrated in them cause them to flicker.

Flicker-free light – Do your health a favour.


Flickering light is not necessarily visible to the naked eye, but it creates a strobe effect that can cause tiredness, headaches, and sometimes even epileptic fits, not only in those who are susceptible. The fact is that commonly available light bulbs have a high flicker percentage due to the integrated ballast or AC power supply. Baufritz casts light on the matter.

Inspired by the sun – for a healthier quality of life.


A lot can be said for the sun: It provides us with warmth, quality of life and energy, strengthens our bones and lifts our mood. It helps our body produce vitamins and hormones, governs our sleep-wake cycle as well as our melatonin levels – the hormone responsible for staving off cancer. So why do so many people use artificial lamps? Because the light from the sun is often not enough to reach into the corners of our living spaces. The lighting in our Baufritz houses is modelled on the spectrum of daylight. Pure-Z is a lighting concept that emulates the natural glow of the sun. Because we know that synthetic light, and above all the high share of blue luminescence in fluorescent tubes, energy-saving lamps and many LED lights can have a negative effect on our health, whether we are aware of it or not.

Advantages of healthy lighting


  • Maximum flicker reduction
  • Sunshine-like spectral distribution
  • Best colour rendering properties
  • Long life (approx. 15,000 - 20,000 hours)
  • Very low energy requirements
  • Free from mercury and harmful VOCs
  • Minimum electromagnetic fields
  • Innovative filament technology (LED filament)