Electrosmog protection

Electrosmog is all around us and can have a negative impact on our health. Baufritz takes measures to reduce your exposure to the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields. For your health and that of your loved ones.

Safe as houses.

At home, we want to surround ourselves with things that are good for us. Electromagnetic radiation is certainly not one of them. Yet many modern conveniences in our everyday lives cause electromagnetic fields (EMFs): microwaves, electrical appliances, cordless phones, WiFi ... the list is long. Many people live near mobile phone base stations, radio and TV transmitters, radar systems, high-voltage power lines, transformer stations or railway lines. Our patented electrosmog protection technology takes care of any high-frequency radiation, reducing it to a safe level for humans. For the sake of your health.

End-to-end electrosmog protection.

At Baufritz, we provide full protection against electrosmog as a standard feature in all of our homes. This not only keeps high-frequency electromagnetic radiation and low-frequency alternating electrical fields at arm’s length, but also guards against constant electrical and magnetic fields. Because your health is what matters most.

Steeled for good health

Many issues that Baufritz tackles are new, even to other companies in the building industry. Surprisingly, this is also the case with steel. Steel beams used in buildings have magnetic fields that can affect our brain waves and hormone balance and are associated with sleep disorders and insomnia.

On the other hand, steel beams are essential for the stability of a house. That’s why we have invested in a demagnetisation unit to prevent any distortion of the Earth’s natural magnetic field from damaging your health.

Under wraps – we even shield electric cables.

Do you have problems sleeping, or suffer from headaches and exhaustion? It may be caused by electric wiring near your bed. Usually, the wiring in a house is constantly energised. These wires are responsible for alternating electric fields inside your home. At Baufritz, we reliably prevent these alternating electric fields from leaking out by wrapping them in additional sheathing. For a healthy night’s sleep.

Ask us about mains decouplers and shielded wiring sockets. We want you to feel completely at ease in your Baufritz home.

Sustainable building and health research.

Designing sustainable and ecological buildings is more than pure luxury. In the same way as you buy clothes and eat food that are not harmful to your health, you can incorporate the principles of sustainable construction into your life, too. You can count on our experience and expertise from building and shielding more than 4,000 houses. Our team of experts know exactly what makes a house healthy and safe for you to live in.