Healthy living with Baufritz

Baufritz is a pioneer in building homes that are healthy – both for the environment and for the people who live in them. Our concept for healthy living is holistic and covers every stage of the build – from the ground up.

Healthy living begins in the mind – and in the heart

We are recognised as a pioneer in healthy timber construction. But the road to success was long and winding. When Gerti Fritz, mother of our present-day CEO, Dagmar Fritz-Kramer, fell seriously ill, it triggered a revolution in timber construction and healthy living as we knew it. It is now common knowledge that toxins in the home, environmental pollution, emissions and dust from the production and processing of building materials, electromagnetic fields from radio masts and electrical installations together with the pollution they cause are harmful. But for Gerti Fritz, this knowledge came too late.

So now you understand why healthy living is a matter close to our hearts. It’s also why we do all we can to create a healthy living environment for you and your loved ones.

Welcome to Baufritz. Welcome to the market leader for healthy homes.

Healthy from head to toe – thanks to our holistic concept

We are convinced that healthy construction and living do not begin in the home, but in the mind. That’s why we recommend you talk to our experts before you start planning your new home. Our specialists will accompany you along each stage of the journey to your healthy, sustainable house – right up to the moment you hold the keys in your hand.

For a healthy home, Baufritz is your partner.

What do we mean by healthy living?

  • Quantifiably healthy indoor air
  • Certified natural materials tested for harmful substances
  • Patented HOIZ organic insulation
  • Smart hygienic ventilation system
  • Allergy-friendly construction
  • Xund-E electrosmog protection
  • Demagnetised steel beams
  • Wiring shielded against damaging electromagnetic fields

Healthy living with Baufritz – setting the highest standards in your home.

Tested for harmful substances.

The materials used in your home will accompany you throughout your life. That’s why we want to be on the safe side – in your best interest, of course. At Baufritz, we only use high-quality products that have been tested for harmful substances. We also subject all building materials and components to a thorough emissions test in the laboratory to ensure that they meet our sustainable construction standards.

We ban harmful substances from your home.

Consistently healthy building materials

Building with timber is our active contribution to protecting the climate. While materials like bricks or cement cause unnecessary, harmful carbon emissions, timber protects the environment by absorbing CO2. For example, a typical Baufritz house almost exactly offsets the carbon emissions of an average mid-range vehicle with an annual mileage of 10,000 km over 10 years.

More on our natural building materials

For a healthy home – talk to an expert


Mould, allergens, electromagnetic fields and poor indoor air quality can have an adverse effect on your health. If you want to know more about healthy materials or innovations that benefit your health, our experts have the answers. For more than 20 years, Baufritz has applied its unique expertise and knowledge of healthy buildings to create bespoke homes.

Creating a healthy living environment – for you.

We are experts when it comes to building healthy homes.


We are proud that Baufritz measurement technicians are among the best in their field. Trained at the Institute of Building Biology and Sustainability (IBN) in Rosenheim, Germany, they pass on their knowledge at training courses and cutting-edge conferences.

We also work with independent experts and advisers from renowned professional associations, research institutes and universities to hone our products and technology and ensure that they are scientifically sound. 

Baufritz’s expertise in healthy living and sustainability is recognised as being unique in the industry.