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Interview with Dagmar Fritz-Kramer and Oliver Rehm 


Dagmar Fritz-Kramer and Oliver Rehm provide a glimpse into the future of homebuilding. In this interview they discuss a wide range of topics, such as the many reasons why people decide to build their own home, the dynamic changes taking place in the construction industry, the relevance of prefabricated homes, and the pioneering role played by Baufritz in this field. 

Read more about these and other topics that will shape the way we build tomorrow and learn how Baufritz blends innovation and sustainability to create bespoke dream homes.


In a world that is often stressful and turbulent, people are increasingly longing for somewhere to relax and unwind. Dagmar Fritz-Kramer highlights the importance of having a home that is also a haven of tranquillity and well-being. She talks about how our homes should not only be where we live, but also where we can breathe, dream and unleash our creativity. Because ultimately, they reflect our personality and our way of life.

Individual dream homes

House Locke


HOUSE atherton


House neumann

House Crossland


The way we live and work has changed dramatically in recent years. Oliver Rehm explains how the internet and the possibilities of working from home have triggered a revolution in the way houses are designed. He talks about the new opportunities this opens and how important it is to build houses that are more flexible and multifunctional to fulfil different needs, depending on our phase of life. Because nowadays, our homes should be places where we can live, work and achieve our dreams.

Individual working spaces

Show house "my smart green home: Schwarzwald"

House Brunt




Manufacturing homes off-site is one answer to the challenges we face today. Dagmar Fritz-Kramer explains how prefabricated homes can be built faster, more efficiently and less expensively, without compromising on quality. She talks about the advantages of modular construction such as being easier to plan, offering guaranteed quality and greater flexibility, and how important it is that homes should not only look good, but also be sustainable and innovative.

Our production process


Oliver Rehm explains how Baufritz has assumed a pioneering role in the field of sustainable construction thanks to a focus on innovation, quality and sustainability. He talks about how the company has gained international recognition for its groundbreaking projects and emphasises the importance of taking our responsibility to the environment seriously and finding sustainable solutions for future challenges. After all, our aim is not only to build houses, but also to create living spaces that make our world a little bit better.

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