London family home - Construction underway this week

In 2023 Baufritz clients are creating inspirational houses. Our latest home is breaking the mould in the delivery of sustainable living. Situated on a southeast facing plot, in a central location, the house is being assembled by our specialist teams this week.

Careful thought has been given to the appearance of the house which is broken up through render and natural timber facades, while mass is reduced via interconnecting modules and variable geometric flat and pitched roofs.  

Open plan interiors and an extensive use of glass will deliver light, volume and enhance home garden interaction. The clever inclusion of a 125 m2 basement added to the overall 395 m2 living space, optimises the sloped plot in an area where space is costly.  

To the client, health and the environment are important, which is why only natural sustainable materials are being used. The house has excellent insulation qualities, minimising its carbon emissions.  

Keep watching this space as we post updates of the construction journey to the completed house. 

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