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A unique project


“When Baufritz built its first bespoke house, ecological aspects were an option, but now it is absolutely necessary.”

Baufritz has been building bespoke eco-homes in the UK since 2006 and is now well-established in the British housing market. In 2023 we achieved a very special milestone, when we completed our 100th house in the UK. As with all Baufritz houses, this was a unique project. The customers, a young couple, specifically wanted to design their dream home with us. They had bought a plot in a street of historic buildings in London with a period residence that was in a state of disrepair. Although it was not listed, there were strict specifications for replacing it with a new house in a similar design. Baufritz worked closely with the local council to satisfy this requirement. This reflects a current trend in the UK of homes that blend architecturally with the streetscape yet boast superior living standards and ecological credentials. This kind of scheme could even become a blueprint for London and other major cities.

Shifting attitudes

The client’s highest priority was that the house should be as sustainable, energy-efficient and healthy as possible. As Oliver Rehm, CEO of Baufritz UK, explains, young people increasingly understand that building an eco-home with unlimited design options is not a contradiction. Customers are often proud of their new home’s sustainability credentials.

Highest ecological standards

Baufritz has been officially certified as a carbon-neutral manufacturer for more than six years. Baufritz houses are made using natural building materials with an exceptionally high quality. They are prefabricated to an extremely high level in the factory, so that we have maximum control over what materials are used, what waste is produced, and how it is recycled. Baufritz takes care of the entire process. As with most Baufritz houses, number 100 is fitted out with an air-source heat pump, a ventilation system with heat exchange, and solar panels. At the time of completion, the timber construction captures around 77 net tonnes of CO2. As Oliver Rehm emphasises, “Here tradition meets the latest technology.”

Celebrating 100 houses

Each house we build is unique. Watch the following video to find out more about what makes a Baufritz home so special and why so many customers put their trust in us.   

100 bespoke Baufritz homes in the UK