Advantages of building with Baufritz

There are many good reasons for building your dream home with Baufritz. Read on to find out more about your advantages and what sets us apart.

Why people choose to build with Baufritz

Appearances matter, of course. But it’s not just that our houses look great. Our innovative, modern building methods and many years of experience give you countless advantages, and peace of mind. People choose to build their home with us because they can count on us to tell the truth and give honest answers. Let us convince you, too.

Bespoke architecture

Every Baufritz home is a unique combination of bespoke design and personal style. The details speak for themselves – whether it’s an elegant post-and-beam façade on a timber frame, floor-to-ceiling windows, an unusual roof construction, extravagant staircases, balconies or terraces. Our in-house architects ensure that your Baufritz home is one of a kind. Thanks to the inherent flexibility of our building system, we can also take on external designs by an architect of your choice.


Premium quality made in Germany

For Baufritz, quality is more than just a word. We give it highest priority at all stages of the build, from sourcing the materials to designing and assembling your home, right up to the moment you move in. As the market leader in bespoke timber homes, we only plan and build houses that meet our own high standards: 100% healthy, climate-friendly and energy-efficient. With German precision and craftsmanship.


Efficient energy concepts

Baufritz builds homes that are kind to your wallet and the planet. Made with 85% timber, each house absorbs around 55 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Their airtight construction, well-insulated walls, ceilings and roofs, as well as triple glazing keep the heat in. High-performing heating and ventilation systems are also a smart way to save energy and money. We even offer complete off-grid solutions to allow you to be completely self-sufficient.


Healthy, natural materials

Baufritz builds homes that are healthy from the ground up, using only certified natural building materials that meet our strict quality criteria. For example, our plasterboards comprise 100% natural gypsum, and our HOIZ insulation made with wood shavings is the only one in the world to be awarded Gold Cradle to Cradle certification.


Precision manufacturing

At Baufritz, quality craftsmanship meets high tech. We design your house using cutting-edge software, where the working drawings are sent directly to our production. Each element is manufactured for you with millimetre precision and preinstalled with 100% accuracy. Our production halls are protected against the weather, with humidity and lighting tailored exactly to the materials used in your bespoke home. After shipping the parts to the UK, it takes just three to six days to assemble the shell on site – protected from the elements and on schedule.


Guarantees you can rely on

Baufritz is your reliable partner for bespoke timber homes. We have more than 125 years of experience in Germany, and 15 years in the UK. Over this time, we have honed our processes to create homes that suit your budget and schedule. We offer you a fixed-price contract with a 12-month price guarantee and a clear timeline for the build. And once your house has been completed, we give a six-year warranty on the structure and two years on moving parts. This is our commitment to uncompromising quality.


Fully managed turnkey project

We take care of the entire turnkey build above foundations for you. Our experienced in-house advisors and project managers in the UK oversee the whole project, from applying for planning permission to coordinating with our partners on site to ensure that your self build is completed on time and on budget. You have just one point of contact and don’t have to worry about delays or omissions.


Innovative approach

Innovation is part of our DNA! When products on the market are not up to our high standards, we develop our own solutions – always with the aim of safeguarding your health and the environment. From low-flicker lighting to parquet floor adhesives that are free from plasticisers or wall paints without solvents. We also install electrosmog protection in all of our houses as a standard feature. Because healthy living starts at home.


Strong partner network

Baufritz has been building timber homes in the UK for over 15 years. Our locally based team of experts accompany you from start to finish – from designing your house, to getting planning permission, to assembling the house on site and fitting out the interiors. We have a strong network of partners in the UK, from building the foundations to making bespoke furniture. They share the same values as we do and keep their promises, too.


Contemporary interior design

Your house is beautiful – not only on the outside, but inside, too. We invite you to our HausSchneiderei design centre in Germany, where you can choose each detail and see how the different materials, shapes and surfaces look and feel. Our interior designers are happy to offer advice and help you in making decisions. We plan your bathroom and staircase in 3D to give you a sense of how the spaces feel. And our innovative lighting concept shows your home in the very best light.



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