A meeting of minds: New podcast series

As climate change becomes an issue, we need to change the way we build our homes and the materials we use to better manage our natural resources and adapt to a changing world. These are challenging questions that will affect every decision a prospective self-builder makes. How can we clarify what climate change means and how can we mitigate through design and materials?

“We are living in the World of loss and damage climate change is a fact. Climate change is manifesting through the changing intensity and likelihood of extreme weather. We are seeing weather patterns that would not be possible without the intervention of human activity.”- Prof Dr Otto.

As weather patterns change, so do the expectations on our houses.

The parameters currently used by architects do not compensate for extreme temperatures and rain fall. Now is the time to start reconsidering our houses, but how do we adapt them to deal with climate change.

The construction industry uses a huge quantity of natural resources for new buildings. When a building reaches the end of its life these materials should be recycled or reused. How does our industry reduce its waste and focus on sustainable and climate positive materials?

Our podcast brings together the knowledge of three experts to discuss how we deal with the issues of climate change and resource usage. Climate modelling gives us an idea of our future environment, which is why Prof Dr Otto from the Grantham institute can explain how we are being affected today and what living with climate change means.

Our speakers, Baufritz CEO Dagmar Fritz-Kramer and Prof Dr Otto, climate scientist at the Grantham Institute, have been recognised for their work on sustainability and climate change. Our very own Baufritz UK CEO Oliver Rehm, is a recognised expert in sustainable architecture.

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