Planning approval granted for a contemporary North London project

We are very pleased to have successfully secured planning approval for our latest North London house. The plot is in an area of natural beauty, meaning our Baufritz architects worked diligently with the client to create an application that is both striking while at the same time minimising the building´s silhouette. A combination of brick and timber cladding helps to break up the building outline, delivering a very contemporary design. 

With a gross external area of over 11,000 square feet, it provides significant living space. An open plan layout and inclusion of extensive use of glass delivers both space and light. The project was conceived in conjunction with interior and landscape designers to capture all aspects of the living experience.

Being a Baufritz project sustainability is important. The design includes a large PV array and battery, an air source heat pump, underfloor heating, a ventilation system with heat exchange and smart venetian blinds to control solar gain. As with all our homes, excellent insulation and a manufacturing process which creates an airtight envelope, results in a well-insulated building.

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