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Oona Horx-Strathern talks about how the recent pandemic has affected our way of life and explains that this has fundamentally changed not only how we work, but also how we want to live.

The pandemic has profoundly transformed the way we live. Oona Horx-Strathern, a futurist and trend consultant who publishes the zukunftsInstitut’s Home Report, shares this and other insights with us. 


Trendy, open living spaces intended as hubs for social interaction suddenly became experiments for survival. The winner was whoever occupied the best spot in the quiet corner with the best Wi-Fi reception. Oona Horx-Strathern explains how the trend towards the home office, or “hoffice”, as she calls it, started back in Darwin’s day. By replacing the legs of a chair with those of a bed on wheels, he set the transition from home to office in motion. 


The pandemic not only changed the way we work, but also triggered a desire to move out of the city. People began to trust more in the healing power of plants and natural spaces. This trend towards nature is also reflected in the way houses are built. The momentum that became perceptible in the aftermath of the pandemic is mirrored in the rising popularity of modular construction.

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Oona Horx-Strathern talks about the role modular design will play in the future of the construction industry and highlights its many advantages, above all its sustainability and efficiency. Prefabricating off-site saves time and money for homebuilders. A study by McKinsey revealed that it can shorten the length of a building project by up to 50 percent and slash costs by up to 20 percent. According to Richard Harris from Jones Lang LaSalle, modular buildings are more efficient and eco-friendly because they consume less energy, produce less waste and take less time to build.

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A key aspect of sustainable construction, according to Horx-Strathern, is the choice of materials. More people are choosing to build with timber – a renewable raw material that is an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete and steel. Wooden houses can also help to store carbon dioxide and reduce carbon emissions.

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Another important factor when it comes to sustainable construction is the cradle-to-cradle principle (C2C) – an approach that aims to loop products back into the biological cycle by reusing and recycling them. Oona Horx-Strathern highlights the need for transparency in the construction industry and warns against greenwashing, when companies advertise their products as being sustainable without justifying their claims.

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Overall, there will be a greater demand for sustainable, efficient and flexible solutions in the construction industry in the future. Modular construction and the use of sustainable materials like timber play a key role in this. For people who want a contemporary, ecological home, it is crucial to consider both aesthetical and ecological aspects. Baufritz combines innovative architecture and sustainable materials. With us as your partner, your dream house is within reach!

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