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Astrid Wolosczcuk knew exactly how she wanted her dream home to look. Thanks to our modular approach with a focus on flexibility and sustainability, she chose to build it with Baufritz.


It was very important to Astrid Wolosczcuk that her home should not only meet her needs but also be built sustainably and in a way that is kind to the environment. With Baufritz, she found a partner that shares her values. All our building projects are carried out with high-quality, eco-friendly materials from sustainable sources using resource-efficient manufacturing processes. We also make sure our construction method is energy-efficient to further reduce our carbon footprint. Thanks to innovative technologies and a holistic approach to construction, the homes we build not only meet your requirements, but also help protect our planet. 

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As a mother of three children, Astrid knew exactly what demands her new home would have to meet. She did not want to compromise and looked for as flexible a solution as possible. Thanks to Baufritz’s modular approach, you can design your home the way you want it. From the arrangement of the rooms to the choice of materials and interior design, every house we build is a one-off and tailored to your needs. Modifications and extensions, added storeys or annexes are possible at any time. Rely on the support of our experienced architects and designers. 

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We prefabricate the individual elements of your house in our state-of-the-art production facilities. Standardised production processes and precise planning help reduce construction time and costs. In addition, because our houses are manufactured off-site, less time is required on the building site – reducing stress on the environment and on your neighbours. We handle your building project efficiently and according to schedule so that you can move in as soon as possible.

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Astrid was impressed by the quality and reliability of Baufritz’s modular approach. Thanks to careful planning and production and strict quality controls, our houses fulfil the highest quality standards. Each building project is accompanied by our qualified experts. Regular inspections and tests ensure that your home will last you a lifetime. We want you to be satisfied and are there to support you and offer advice throughout the building process. 

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