Experience a Baufritz house

The Baufritz Open House Day will be held on 20th May in the Colchester area

If you can't find the perfect house, build it. That's what the Wildwood family decided when they approached Baufritz to turn their vision into reality. Having found a semi-rural site with wildflower gardens, the clients had a clear idea that they wanted to build an eco-house that was part of nature. Finished with timber cladding and a living roof, it sits majestically in its surroundings. Inside, the use of natural materials is evident and provides ample, comfortable living space.
Now that the house is complete, we are very pleased to offer prospective clients an opportunity to experience Baufritz. Come and see one of our homes, talk to our experts as they explain the features of the house.  

This event is by invitation only and places are limited.

Please contact our office or fill out the contact form to speak to a sales advisor.

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