In this new series of Baufritz podcasts, Dagmar Fritz-Kramer and Oliver Rehm talk to guests about adapting architecture to cope with the challenges of the future. Topics include climate change, sustainability, energy efficiency, and creating a healthy living environment. How does Baufritz live up to its pioneering role, and what do our clients appreciate most about us? Listen and find out!

The climate is changing. Dagmar Fritz-Kramer, Oliver Rehm and climate scientist Prof Dr Otto discuss adaptation

Recorded at the Grantham Institute London, they investigate living with climate change and the adaptation of the house building industry. The perspectives come from science, architecture, and house construction. This is a must listen for advice on future proofing selfbuild projects.

Designing for a sustainable future – An architect’s perspective

Listen to Baufritz UK CEO Oliver Rehm outline how planning and architecture must adapt to a changing world. Our homes need to cope with an uncertain future and the response starts with architecture.

How the construction industry has to adapt to Climate Change

50% of building emissions come from the materials used. If we are to get to net zero, we need to focus on this, starting with recycled concrete and wood from renewable forests. Listen and be inspired by your choice of materials.

The climate is changing as we enter a period of loss and damage

Every self-builder needs to consider what living in a world of loss and damage means for their project. Here climate science explains the changes we can expect. This may need to be considered in the design of your self-build.