Innovations and patents

Our pioneering spirit drives us forward, every day, in everything we do. We have been developing innovative products and solutions since 1896. And if we can’t find what we need on the market, we simply make it ourselves.

Innovation is our driving force

At Baufritz, we make things work, for your health’s sake. If we are not satisfied with what is available on the market, if materials fail to meet our expectations or products are disappointing, we research and develop our own solutions. We already have a number of patents in different areas, with more in the pipeline. Always with the aim of replacing chemical and contaminated products with truly sustainable, climate-friendly and healthy natural products. Because we are driven by passion and by our pioneering spirit that is alive in each and every one of us. That’s something you won’t find anywhere else in the UK.

A selection of our patents and their benefits for you

Our patented HOIZ natural insulation

In 2012, our ecological insulation material made with wood shavings became the first in the world to be awarded Cradle to Cradle Gold certification. The product’s health credentials have also been confirmed by Ökotest, natureplus and environmental medical specialists.

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Your advantages

Our HOIZ insulation made with wood shavings comprises only natural materials and replaces insulation that contains chemicals and hazardous substances. For healthy living and a healthy sleep.

Scalar – intelligent window installation

Our Scalar window modules with triple glazing are the result of almost 30 years of research. They are inserted into the house wall with millimetre precision without the need for verifiably unhealthy PU foam or chemical adhesives. With 100% precision and totally wind-proof for a healthy living environment and optimum heat insulation.

Your advantages

Our premium quality timber and aluminium windows are durable and maintenance-free. They not only spare you repair and restoration costs, but are also good for your health. The higher initial price of a Scalar window module pays off in the long term.

Developed in-house – Baufritz interior wall paints

Our interior wall paints developed in-house at Baufritz are certified by natureplus, a label that promotes sustainable building, as being conducive to a healthy room climate and suitable for people with allergies.

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Your advantages

Our paints are completely free of solvents and chemicals that are detrimental to your health. With Baufritz paint on your walls, you can take a deep breath and enjoy the healthy air in your house.

Kontur – integrated rainwater downpipe

You don’t want the overall appearance of your house to be spoilt by rainwater gutters and downpipes. That’s why we developed Kontur – an aluminium corner element for draining water off the roof that blends with the house façade.

Your advantages

Kontur is a unique, distinctive design feature for your Baufritz house that not only looks great, but is also maintenance-free, easy to clean and extremely durable.

A world first: virtually flicker-free LED lighting

For many years, healthy lighting was the only element missing to be able to build houses that are 100% healthy to live in. As a pioneer of eco homes, we are therefore proud to have developed our own, virtually flicker-free and totally mercury-free LED lighting. On request, we will fit out your new home with this sophisticated, healthy lighting system.

More about healthy lighting 

Your advantages

You can look forward to warm, virtually flicker-free LED lighting that has a positive effect on your living atmosphere and your health.

Baufritz storm clips

Ride out the storm with Baufritz storm clips. They have been tested in wind tunnel conditions so that you can sleep well, even when the storm is raging outside.

Your advantages

Feel safe and protected even in high winds and gales.

Parquet adhesive without plasticisers

A further Baufritz product innovation is our low-emission parquet adhesive developed in-house. It is made without hazardous plasticisers and is virtually emission-free, setting new safety standards.

Your advantages

Maximum safety in the factory, in your home, and especially for crawling toddlers.

Chemical-free wood soap for a healthy living environment

Previously, various cleaning products, most of which contain chemicals, were needed to keep different wooden surfaces spotless. Baufritz has developed a special, non-hazardous wood soap made with natural plant-based oils that is suitable for all wooden surfaces.

Your advantages

Baufritz wood soap gives wooden surfaces a shine without the use of chemicals.

A Baufritz house is sustainable and built to last, for a long, healthy life together. We only allow the very best materials into our homes – and yours.

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