Baufritz Partner BBQ

Over 80 partners and friends attend our annual BBQ at Madingley Hall

Situated in beautiful gardens near Cambridge, Madingley Hall provided a memorable setting for our annual Baufritz Partner BBQ this year.

We were delighted that so many of our friends, German colleagues and UK partners, including those working on groundworks, construction, scaffolding, basement fabrication, foundations, and architects and designers, joined us for a guided tour of the gardens and a relaxing BBQ on a sunny May afternoon. 

It's become a tradition for us to show our employees and partners how valuable they are. We started in 2016 with a small event at our Cambridge office, moving to a larger Baufritz family event, celebrating the commitment and good work each partner contributes in creating every Baufritz home.

These people working together make the housebuilding process seamless and stress free for our clients and we appreciate their efforts.