A major milestone – 100 homes in the UK


In 2023, Baufritz built its 100th home in the UK, marking a major milestone in the company’s history. Baufritz UK was established in Cambridge in 2006 and has been building bespoke homes for customers ever since. The first house – a Cornish cottage – was completed in 2007 and has been followed by a wide range of architectural styles, from chalets to barn-style houses, contemporary homes and classic, Georgian-style villas.

House no. 100 was built on a plot in a street of historic buildings in London to replace an existing period residence that had fallen into disrepair. Baufritz worked closely with the local council to meet the strict planning specifications. The new house blends architecturally with the streetscape yet boasts superior living standards and ecological credentials.

Baufritz UK has made a name for building high-end, bespoke homes that are also sustainable and healthy to live in. House no. 100 is fitted out with an air-source heat pump, a ventilation system with heat exchange, and solar panels.

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