House Long - A contemporary woodland home

House Long is set in a clearing at the heart of a grade II listed arboretum in Hampshire. Its contemporary architecture comprises three distinct volumes stacked one upon the other. The floor plan has been inverted with the guest rooms below and the living spaces above to make the most of the natural daylight filtering through the lush green canopy.

The challenge for Baufritz was to adapt the bold design by architects McLean Quinlan to our modular building system. The house was manufactured off-site with walls and windows fitted with our patented HOIZ insulation to minimise its carbon footprint. Natural materials were chosen that contrast and interact with the foliage.

Inside the house, a muted colour scheme creates a haven of tranquillity. A finely crafted oak staircase with running timber slats connects the different floors. Extensive glazing and roof lights above the staircase allow light to stream into the living space through the lattice of leaves. Elegant, grey floor tiles in the living area and on the terrace merge the interior living area with the outdoor patio, fostering a sense of continuity.

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