Baufritz at the German Sustainability Award

Saving energy and resources, managing land carefully, upgrading old buildings with a view to sustainability, using timber wherever possible – these were the focus topics at the 15th German Sustainability Award held in Düsseldorf, Germany, on 1 and 2 December 2022.

The team from Baufritz had the chance to talk – and celebrate – with representatives from environmental organisations, architecture, business and politics. Because it is now clear that Baufritz is still the only house manufacturer to be awarded the sustainability prize for companies. Its competitors were again eliminated in the preliminary round.

“Baufritz sets the standard in building prefabricated homes for the entire industry”, said Prof. Michael Braungart, co-founder of the Cradle to Cradle principle and honorary recipient of the 2022 German Sustainability Award, in recognition of Baufritz’s exemplary commitment as a pioneer in the construction industry. Other prefab housing manufacturers have some catching up to do in this respect, Braungart admitted. Together with U.S. architect William McDonough, he developed the idea that building materials taken from nature can be returned to it. Baufritz pursues this principle with great success and dedication.

Photo credit: Dariusz Misztal/DNP