Gold and Silver at the Family Home Award of the Year 2024

We were the Gold Award Winners for House of the Year 2024 at the awards ceremony hosted by Family Home Verlag, Germany's leading self-build publication with print and digital content. We are particularly pleased to have won this year's new 'Luxury House' category, which was the most popular attracting the most entries.  

Our client house Locke impressed the judges. It won two awards for its exceptional barn style architecture and high-quality finishes, including the cathedral-like oak roof truss that opens out over the living area. With an outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, tennis court and extensive grounds, the house resembles a private luxury resort. The fact that the house is natureplus® certified and tested for harmful substances was also explicitly recognised. 

One award was not enough, and house 'Neumann' won a coveted prize. The expert jury awarded Neumann a silver medal in the Ecology category, which focuses on sustainability and healthy living. The house creates a homely retreat with a bio-lighting concept, library and a private yoga and fitness room. The 200 square metre house was particularly praised for its use of biologically sound and healthy building materials, high architectural standards, and clarity of structure. 

View House Locke

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