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Sun House Reitmayer

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Sun House Reitmayer

Augsburg | Germany
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Reiner Bayer
Reiner Bayer
"Instead of fossil fuels or passive and bio-plus energy houses with intensive-electric heat pumps, we have created the Reitmayer house using the solar-house concept. According to the Fen Shui teachings, a house requires a warm core. Here, a stratified storage tank was placed in the elegant and covered centre of the stairwell. Modern solar panels on the roof produce the necessary heat for heating and hot water and store it in the large tank. In addition, during longer periods of low solar activity, a pellet stove ensures a perfect atmosphere in the living area. Heat production rather than electricity production – an increasingly attractive alternative to energy-producing bio-EnergyPlus houses."

House data

External Dimensions 12.58 x 15.38 m
Living Space 2230 ft²

Solar house Technology:

Thermal solar-power system
with approx. 30 sqm collector area

Generously sized buffer storage
on multiple floor levels