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Have you ever seen those picturesque style wooden chalets, which tend to be on the side of Swiss mountains? Have you ever thought to yourself, " don't those Wood Cabins look wonderfully cosy, especially in Winter?"  No longer do they have to be a photo in a magazine or an advert on the television. With modern building technology, Baufritz can design deliver and build a wooden chalet in what is known as flat-pack housing. This method of construction is becoming increasingly popular with those of us who have taken going green to heart and decided to do it right the first time.

If you have been wondering how to tackle your eco-friendly home building project on your treasured plot of land, then wonder no more. Baufritz has been designing bespoke house projects and building chalet style homes in the UK since 2006. There are so many reasons to choose a wooden chalet from Baufritz, such as the familiar Alpine-style wooden chalets with overhanging eaves, the natural wood cladding exuding a feeling of subtle eco-friendliness, or the fact that we use material that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.
Baufritz Chalet style houses use only the highest quality material, are allergy compliant, and devoid of any harmful chemicals. Likewise, in the interior of one of our homes, you will not find any PU construction foam, laminate floors, toxic adhesives, or chemically treated insulation materials.

The interior can be packed with the latest technology to ensure the air you breathe is the purest it can be, a must for anyone suffering from respiratory problems. Add the latest energy saving devices tailored to your particular needs, and your new home doesn't just look green but acts the part as well. Welcome to the future. Welcome to your home; designed by you, built by Baufritz.
From your very first meeting with a UK Baufritz consultant, you will be working alongside your personal design team as they begin to bring your dream home to life. Whether your preferences are wooden chalets, log cabin houses or mountain lodge homes, it is only when you are perfectly satisfied with the design that we will submit a planning application on your behalf.
You will be invited to join us at our technologically advanced design centre in Germany where we can show you different house styles; you can view our show houses, and choose from our large range of roof tiles, cladding, doors, floors, and windows. It is also the ideal opportunity for us to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding any area of the project.
If you have a genuine desire to reduce your carbon footprint, provide yourself and family a cleaner, greener, and healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle, contact us today, and let us help you realise your dream.

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