• House Borgonha

    House Borgonha

    "I knew Baufritz or nothing. The quality of living, the healthy build, the energy efficiency, the individual design where not every house looks the same, these were reasons enough."
    Kerrie Daykin
  • House Patel

    House Patel

    "Building a home means dealing with people. We felt we could really trust the people we met; they seemed very professional and knowledgeable. We visited some of the houses built by Baufritz, and were very impressed. Finally we decided: this is the only way we should build a house. It simply felt right."
    Jayesh Patel
  • House Bond

    House Bond

    "Many times we were told that the house would go up in three or four days and be watertight. To actually see it happen still feels miraculous. When you compare prefabrication to UK conventional builders, who build brick by brick, this is just so much more efficient. To see that speed was just amazing."
    Trevor Bond
  • House Nicholls

    House Nicholls

    "I always drove German cars, so I attribute quality and durability to German construction companies. I was the first client in the UK market who believed in Baufritz and they confirmed the stereotype of accurate, hardworking and fast Germans."
    Andrew Nicholls
  • House Overton

    House Overton

    "Baufritz´s attention to detail is incredible. Your snagging-list is actually very small because things have been done so well first time round. But if there are issues, normally ones that we didn´t even spot, they spotted them, saying that´s not right, we want to make that better. This is second to none."
    Natalie & Kevin Overton
Welcome to Baufritz
Imagine a house that is not only your perfect dream home, but also one equipped with the latest technology, creating the best indoor climate. A house that is individual in its architecture and meets the highest standards of building biology.
Imagine a home that you and your family will not only enjoy, but one that will provide you with lasting health benefits.
Welcome to our company! We are the pioneers of healthy home building and eco-homes, and we are at the forefront of sustainability and ecology in your own home. Be inspired by our exclusive timber-framed and health-friendly houses. From eco-homes to architect-designed houses – all Baufritz houses are modern and efficient. With us quality, ecological building and energy efficiency are not empty promises. Much like our philosophy in business and life, for us it's all about one thing: your health.
Healthy living, healthy sleep, healthy life.
We can't wait to meet you!
Kind Regards,
Dagmar Fritz-Kramer And Oliver Rehm | CEO