"Good for people and nature!"
This is what we live by privately and as a company.
To follow a trend is one thing. Quite another thing it is to take all the lessons learnt during a long company history and create the guiding principles for a Baufritz now. Our philosophy defines our business actions, our private lives and our product. Homes that feel good and are good for people to live in. Homes that are responsible with earth's resources and turn the tide on man-made climate change.
You can trust that our philosophy works in your favour.
We do not simply try to maximise profits with fanciful slogans.

The three pillars of our philosophy


What are we working for? What do we stand for? And what sets us apart from other house builders? We are convinced that healthiness is the foundation to a happy live. To that end we continually develop and innovate. The people at Baufritz know they cannot change the world, but they want to make it a bit better and more worthwhile to live in.


Being completely satisfied with our work would mean stagnation. We prefer to think into the future all the time, to research, to develop. Because of what we created yesterday we know how to take the next steps tomorrow. We like to work as a homebuilding thinktank with tradition.

Quality & Responsibility

We only plan and build houses that meet our own high quality standards: 100% healthy, climate-friendly and energy-efficient home building. We have one thing in mind: To build your home as if it were our own.