Health-friendly Building and Living

Health-friendly building and living begins in our heads. Our holistic health concept is an integral part of our company's philosophy; healthy construction is our number one priority. Our health consultant sits at the table early on in the first planning meetings. Our consultants are trained and certified building biologists. They pay attention in every planning phase to the natural values in the design of your dream home.
From planning to handing over the keys and even beyond: We never play with your health!

That is what makes our
homes so healthy

  • A measurably healthy indoor climate
  • Consistently tested for harmful substances, using certified organic materials
  • Patented organic insulation HOIZ
  • Smart, hygienic, on demand ventilation
  • Allergy-compliant construction
  • Electro smog protection Xund-E
  • Indoor air control measurement for your personal safety
  • Demagnetised steel beams
  • Wiring shielded against harmful electric fields
  • Competent counselling for natural building
  • Monthly wood preservatives screening of all installed woods

Tested thoroughly

Baufritz only use low-pollutant products and make no secret of their materials. All elements for the construction and auxiliary materials are subjected to an emission rating for organic building prior to use. These material ratings are supported by internal laboratory test chamber measurements. Even self-fitters receive product recommendations for organically flawless finishing materials. The IAQ of each Baufritz building is demonstrated through a high-quality active indoor air measurement with gas chromatography laboratory evaluation - for your personal safety. So-called VOCs, i.e. volatile substances from adhesives, oils and waxes, as well as formaldehyde are detected. In the interest of your health we check not only our materials in advance, but later provide you with evidence of the indoor air quality in your home.

PU foam, no thank you!

PU foams are standard in the conventional installation of windows and interior doors - at least for most home sellers. When curing, large quantities of isocyanates are released, which are classified as showing "evidence of a carcinogenic effect". In the interest of health Baufritz has dispensed with PU construction foams for more than 20 years when installing windows and doors - because our unique design allows a snug fit, that is 100% airtight without the use of PU foam.
After placing the order our customers will receive on request product recommendations for harm free substances and harm free conversion materials.

Tragedy inspires new beginning

In 1981 Gerti Fritz, the wife of Baufritz's third generation owner Hubert Fritz, was diagnosed with cancer. The news came completely out of the blue and was a huge shock for the family. Hubert and his children, Dagmar and Volker, could not accept the diagnosis without trying to find out what had caused it.
They went over their home with a fine tooth comb, honing in not only on emissions and dust from building materials, but also on radiation from nearby electricity pylons and radio masts - factors that we now know can make people ill.
In 1984, the first ecological Baufritz house was built, using only natural materials and free from any harmful substances. Since then, around 3.000 ecological Baufritz homes have been built for the benefit of their owners, mankind and nature. Sadly, in 1988, Gerti Fritz died from her illness. Her legacy, howewer, is Baufritz's commitment to develop our pioneering work even further.