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Energy Houses with Plus Energy Features

The most important thing first: Nearly every efficiency house can be "upgraded" with appropriately sized photovoltaic surfaces to an energy-plus house. An energy-plus house will generate more electricity than you consume. The extra energy is fed into the public grid in return for remuneration. This reduces your electricity costs. The healthiest version of an energy-plus house can be provided by Baufritz: 100% health-checked and climate-friendly.

Soak up the sun and

In an energy-plus building a photovoltaic system generates solar electricity. However, alternatives such as solar thermal systems, the generation of heat instead of electricity (solar house concept) are also conceivable. We will send you an honest energy concept for the most suitable energy or thermal insulation for your individual home design.
  • Consumption:

    5.300 kWh/a
  • Yield:

    7.000 kWh/a
  • Annual Plus:

    1.700 kWh

Store electricity and heat:
How does a energy-plus house work?

The concept of the energy-plus house is based on three ideas: passive use of solar energy, energy-efficient building technology and energy-efficient household appliances and electronics. Baufritz will help you during the planning phase, to obtain the best energy yield.


The right architecture, adapted to the location of your property: with large windows to the south side of the building the best use is made of the heating potential of the sun. Important is also to determine the best location for the electricity-producing photovoltaic system, in order to extract a maximum of solar energy. We pay attention to shading, for example by trees or neighbouring buildings, which must be avoided. We carefully take all of these factors into account during the planning phase.

The most modern domestic technology

Baufritz recommends energy-efficient house and heating technology, which is fed 100% from renewable energies. This is your path to independence - particularly in view of rising fossil fuel prices. Wood or wood pellet heating, heat pumps, which are operated with the self-produced electricity or fuel cells and co-generation plants are possible. Important for ideal energy efficiency is a system for controlled domestic ventilation - of course with heat recovery. We provide comprehensive advice and determine the right one for your house and heating technology.

Reducing power consumption

In an energy-plus house we of course also recommend energy-efficient household appliances and electronics, as well as interruptible electricity consumption and intelligent home controlling by means of energy-efficient smart-home equipment. As far as possible, standby equipment should be avoided and intelligent central smart-home controls make possible just that: turning off all electric current around the house at the push of a button. This promotes healthy living and is your contribution to an electro smog-free home. Again, we support you with advice and practical help and leave nothing to chance.

sustainable and

An eco energy-plus house is characterized by low heat consumption and a considerable reduction in your energy costs. And not to forget: The surplus fed into the public grid offers a safe addition to revenue. With a sustainable construction from Baufritz you also support environmental and climate protection. Choosing Baufritz today you will be well prepared for tomorrow. We are happy to tell you whether the higher investment for an energy-plus house is worth it for you.