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Cologne | Germany
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Andrea Berressem
Andrea Berressem
""NatureDesign" in the PrefabHomeWorld Cologne unites design-orientated comfort-lifestyle with healthy living. The interior evokes pure emotion in any visitor."

House data

External Dimensions 15.05 x 12.30 m
Living Space 1820 ft²
Baufritz Show House "NatureDesign"
Cologne | Germany
Opening hours:
Wednesday to Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm

Additional information

Show House "Naturedesign"


Style rounds off energy and ecology

The ultimate in amazing architecture, breath-taking interiors and healthy living: The Baufritz show-home "NatureDesign" in the PrefabHomeWorld in Cologne sets standards in a number of areas.
Architectural finesse is evident in the concept's design with its arresting combination of two-storeyed main building with a classic pitched roof and cuboid flat roof additions, a combination of wood and plaster in the façade and wooden French shutters enriching the mix.
As expected, the eco-house pioneers have only used ecologically sound materials, that have undergone extensive tests for harmful substances. Quite surprising is the layout of rooms, that melt into each other and have the kitchen at their centre dominating the ground floor. Across the house furnishings with straight lines and industrial style (kitchen and extractor hood) and strong colours (teal wall cladding in the master bedroom) as well as intensely haptic materials (rough-sawn kitchen fronts) create an atmosphere of harmonious contrasts.  And not just in the choice furniture, amongst which are a number of one-of-a-kind exquisite pieces, the love of detail becomes apparent: Everywhere striking black steel elements have been included, such as for the frames of the tall glass doors or for the metal lampshades. And while the living room in some ways seems almost opulent, the whole house clearly has a tone of understatement to it.
On the first floor two individually designed children's bedrooms and a parent's bedroom await their admirers. Each of the rooms is totally unique, visually striking, and provokes its own emotions. The same is true of the bathroom, that satisfies the senses with surprising design elements and extraordinary materials.

Double Assets


Hidden from plain view are a great number of technology innovations, such as an especially durable sheet metal flat roof or a small element in the large tilt and slide door in the dining room, which makes it yet more airtight. The Complete-Solution Ventilation PLUS, developed by Baufritz, guarantees superior indoor air quality with its up-to-the-minute sensor-technology and allows individual regulation of rooms.


A photovoltaic system with solar energy storage makes the house into an EnergyPlus home, producing more energy than it needs. The most amazing feature is that any electricity surplus is initially not fed into the public grid, but stored as thermal energy. The smart home uses an intelligent system, which triggers the thermal pump to first of all heat the hot water tank and to increase the temperature in the underfloor heating by a few degrees before letting go of any surplus. This increases the usage of the solar energy for the house and is making the house at times fully energy-self-sufficient; it is even working if there is a power-cut.


Last but not least, on the ground floor you will find a small exhibition providing interesting facts for future home-builders as well as a fine choice of materials and fixtures, giving a first idea of the possibilities.