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Zurich | Switzerland
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Carlo Hirt
Carlo Hirt
"House Jeger shows how the principles of a bungalow can be used to create exciting and functional living spaces. By using quality materials and modern design principles, the ability of this design to deliver open spaces normally associated with much bigger houses, means it's an option to be considered for any build project. "

House data

External Dimensions 16.33 x 13.83 m
Living Space 1872 ft²

Additional information about this Bungalow

Bungalow Jeger

The client located a good sized building plot with an existing single-storey dwelling which was poorly designed and in need of renovation. Rather than creating something which would require significant investment and fail to deliver to their exacting requirements, it was time to start again with a blank sheet.
The external configuration blends well with neighbouring developments. Living areas and garage are clad in a clean white render, while the rest of the house is finished using a 3D horizontally mounted high-quality planed timber cladding, which allows weathering over time to an attractive silver-grey colour. The building is complemented with grey finished windows and doors. The house is designed using asymmetrical modular elements, as stipulated by the Bauhaus principle of providing further depth to the aesthetic finish. A good-sized double garage provides ample storage space and allows the owners to pursue their passion for bicycles.
The house is accessed through a covered Veranda. A full-length atrium at the centre of the house provides access to the rooms. Light is provided using floor-to-ceiling height glass and a large skylight. A blend of natural wood, grey stone tiles and white walls provides contrast and textures within this area. The living area is configured as a single open space. A key advantage of the bungalow design allows for higher ceilings and larger rooms due to its different structural and planning characteristics. This area is the heart of the house. Large windows and full height sliding glass doors provide both, light views and access to the garden via a covered terrace. Kitchen and living spaces are cleverly differentiated by materials and colours. The kitchen is finished in red with grey stone floor tiles while the living space is in white with solid wood flooring. A breakfast bar is used to further separate defined areas within a single open space. Towards the rear the house one finds two good-sized double bedrooms, two bathrooms and an office. The master bedroom's vast walk-in wardrobe provides ample storage space and hides unwanted clutter. The bathrooms are brought to life using both patterned and textured tiling - a simple yet effective touch.