Multi-Family House Valfontana

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Multi-Family House Valfontana

1/9 - exterior view
  • Mehrfamilienhaus Multi-Family House Valfontana - Timber house
  • Mehrparteienhaus Multi-Family House Valfontana - Timber home
  • bedroom - Mehrfamilienhaus aus Holz Multi-Family House Valfontana - Prefabricated house
  • bath room - Individuell geplantes Mehrfamilienhaus Multi-Family House Valfontana - Timber house
  • dining room - Mehrfamilienhaus Multi-Family House Valfontana - Timber home
  • dining room - Mehrparteienhaus Multi-Family House Valfontana - Prefabricated house
  • interior view - Mehrfamilienhaus aus Holz Multi-Family House Valfontana - Timber house
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Hans-Georg Stotz
Hans-Georg Stotz
Building a holiday home in the Vorarlberg is a quest for rest and relaxation. Yet it is equally important that your property retains its value for future generations. This apartment building with four flats boasts the maximum of acoustic and fire protection, plus premium Baufritz build quality. An air-to-water heat pump and underfloor heating ensure all-round warmth from green energy, while the solar thermal system supplies hot water. This combination provides a comfortable living space with a sustainable environmental balance sheet.

House data

External Dimension 11,28 x 17,53 m
Living Space 270,48 m² (DIN)

Additional information

Mulit-Family House / Countryhouse valfontana



You'd never know that the four-apartment 'Valfontana' country house in Vandans in the Montafon valley was prefabricated. The holiday-home owners, two Swabian brothers and their wives, have heavy work commitments so would only countenance an experienced general contractor for their project. They soon decided on innovative Allgäu designer wooden-home builders Baufritz: their own firm handles timber every day so they know quality wood when they see it.
These two families used their own expertise to pick a real specialist for their new-build home. The Swabian clients explain: "The key points for us were a company that's reliable, has eco-friendly construction methods and is local. We also liked the idea that, although there's some prefabrication at the plant, we'd have the option to work with an architect to implement our own design ideas." Before signing up with Baufritz, the owners visited the 'HausSchneiderei' home tailoring centre at our Erkheim HQ to find out more about the possible details, fixtures and fittings. They were so enthusiastic about these that they incorporated many ideas from Erkheim into their own design.
The architect, Prof. Hans-Georg Stotz from Stuttgart, planned a long building on an east-west axis for this gently sloping plot. The building regulations specified a traditional gabled roof. The building connects with nature through wrap-around balconies, and terraces on the gable ends. Triple-glazed, floor-to-ceiling windows offer a view to the magnificent mountains beyond.
Organic mineral render and heat-treated spruce cladding enclose our 'Voll-Werte-Wand', with a load-bearing core made of solid native timber. We ensure healthy indoor air through both our environmentally friendly HOIZ insulation – made from wood shavings – and eco paints that have been quality approved and checked for pollutants. A unique protective layer is proven to reduce potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation.
The basement houses garages, bicycle and ski storage for residents, and a utility room. The ground floor of the building accommodates two apartments measuring 56 and 66m² respectively. The upper floor has two additional apartments measuring 73 and 95m², both with an additional gallery level housing their sleeping and playing areas. The interiors are characterised by open-plan eating and living areas, distinctive shapes and warm colours. These apartments were planned so that the living space gets the sunlight. Local carpenters produced individual beds, furniture and kitchens. The floral linen and cotton used comes from the local region. The quality oak-tiled flooring conceals underfloor heating.
The building's geothermal heating uses the natural warmth from the ground to supply the holiday homes with energy. One of the owners explained enthusiastically that the feeling of wellbeing guests get in the apartments ensures they have already received many repeat bookings. The building is well situated for skiing and walking: the foot of the Golmer cable car, which runs to 2100m altitude, is just a stone's throw away.