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We welcome your ideas and celebrate creativity, we work tirelessly to help you create a home that will be telling your unique story. The story that can be heard in a rustic oak flooring, a one-of-a-kind lamp or a piece of hand-made furniture. We offer personal advice and professional assistance that deliver results of the highest quality: visually stunning, technically excellent and healthy to boot. From top-class standard solutions to fully individual answers to your needs. And from timeless classics to on-trend contemporary, whatever your taste and preferences are.
We invite you to take a tour around our state-of-the-art design centre "HouseSchneiderei" from the comfort of your own home. Get cosy on your couch, enter full-screen mode and take a virtual walk through the galleries, have a peek at what is possible with Baufritz. "HouseSchneiderei" is where we help you start turning your house into a unique home, where we take your ideas and turn them into reality.
If you would like to see our extensive Ideas Park in Erkheim (including show houses, the famous wooden head, our "HausSchneiderei" and the production factory) with your own eyes, we will be delighted to see you and take you for a real tour. If you make an appointment in advance, our architects and designers can start to sketch out a first draft of your very own Baufritz home, free of charge.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever. And so is your home: it is also a fine reflection of your personality, a place where your individuality can truly shine, your stories can be heard and wishes can become true. Design is one of the greatest means to accomplish the task of turning a house into a home. It is often achieved through a skilful combination of the finest details and interplay of design features.
How would you like your new home to look and feel? Take a journey of discovery and gather some fresh ideas for your new house.


"Show me your house, and I'll tell you who you are": interior design should be functional, set the mood or ambiance for the home and, indeed, reflect your personality. Baufritz interior design specialists will help you create your unique, one-of-a-kind home with carefully planned spaces and rooms that fit your lifestyle. Our experts will take you by the hand and carefully guide you through all stages of your home creation. They will inspire you with creative ideas, impress you with their knowledge, and give you peace of mind at every decision point. Together we will turn your very special home dream into reality.


You don't need to take care of everything on your own. We will do it for you. Bau­fritz design and planning service is fully comprehensive and covers everything from the biggest decisions to the tiniest details; from the major organisational milestones to the really enjoyable little things, like planning your bathroom, sauna or lighting.
It is an integral part of our philosophy. And our bathroom, lighting and wellness experts will make sure everything is done just the way you have always wanted.  
What should you do with all that extra time on your hands? Simply relax? Chill during the planning and construction phase. And following completion, unwind and sit back – in your very own Baufritz home.


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