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Upper Bavaria | Germany
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Georg Schauer
Georg Schauer
"The most spectacular feature, however, is the view from the gallery. On two sides the floor to roof glass captures the power and beauty of the Mountains."

House data

External Dimensions 11.95 x 8.83 m
Living Space 1595 ft²

Additional information

Country House kaiser

Modernity nestled in the majestic Alps

In the foothills of the Chiemgau Alps, Baufritz brought to reality a healthy living eco-designed house, which sits in perfect harmony with the surrounding countryside.
People rather like surrounding themselves with their favourite things. For Gaby Huber and Alexander Kaiser, these are the mountains. Thus they came to build their country house in a small town nestling in the foothills of the Alps. The owners wanted the grand panorama to be the pivotal focus of the architecture. They sought out Baufritz, knowing that the company could fulfil even the most ambitious home vision. However, that is not all. The eco-house provider is the leading specialist for health-certified buildings. Only high-grade and ecological materials, thoroughly tested for the absence of harmful substances, are used in their wood and natural material constructed houses.
The ground floor offers space for cooking, eating and living; a shower room, cloakroom, and combined utility and pantry. The owners deliberately didn't draw borders between the different areas of living and therefore did away with many doors and walls.
Openness is the central theme in this residence just shy of 150 m². To achieve this feeling of vast space, in a move from design tradition a first floor was not created, instead of a complete upper floor, the level under the gabled roof functions as a gallery. Further back areas for sleeping, fitness and working can be found, as well as a walk-in wardrobe and a bathroom with a sauna.
The space freed has allowed the creation of a seven-meter-high gallery Atrium with huge floor-to-ceiling glass emphasising the surroundings. The interior finish continues along the Alpine theme. The beautiful solid wood floors with lines and knots tell the story of the mountains. The kitchen has a striking irregular edged grey and yellow stone work surface reminiscent of the rocks you find high above the tree line, smooth from millennia of brutal weather conditions. Suspended from the middle of the living area is a black open fireplace with an elegant chimney, which tapers up into the roof. The interiors are inspired by traditional alpine design with a modern twist.
The most spectacular feature, however, is the view from the gallery. On two sides the floor to roof glass captures the power and beauty of the Mountains. By contrast the direction facing the neighbouring houses is closed, which guarantees privacy. The windowless side of the façade is nevertheless eye-catching. Here, natural Baufritz "Rondo" cladding contrasts the glass gallery, in clean horizonal lines. Over time the untreated larch will, of course, be allowed to weather.
The highest level of insulation is delivered using triple glazed windows and 37cm thick complete-solution walls, incorporating an organic woodchip-insulation, which provides exceptional insulating properties. The wall system is equipped with the Baufritz patented electro smog barrier, which reduces the levels of internal electric radiation by up to 98%.