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Surrey | England
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Thomas Zoller
Thomas Zoller
"The Hauck's had a long list of ideas for their architect. One priority was to have more downstairs accommodation as the couple were both approaching their seventies. Life should be focused in this house on the sociable kitchen with one generous living space around it. Liz had been suffering from a series of allergies, including multiple chemical sensitivity and electro-sensitivity."

House data

External Dimensions 18.9 x 13.2 m
Living Space 4820 ft²

Additional information

house hauck


built with longevity in mind

Set in the heart of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, country house design Hauck has an idyllic location. West Horsley is a much sought-after area, and the client purchased the site with the intention of replacing the existing dwelling with a beautiful new home.

The design is reminiscent of the world famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Style homes. These stunning homes are heralded for their simple planning, and ability to sit "low" in the landscape. They are characterized by their low angled hipped roofs and large overhangs, cascading down from the upper floor, which offer shade in summer and solar gain in winter. The designs are therefore not only beautiful, but are functional too.

Most design briefs have an interesting challenge and the Hauck's believed Baufritz could answer theirs: how do you build what is essentially a traditional style home using modern methods of construction? At Baufritz, designers are trained in a system that is "open" and versatile and is therefore suited to not only building homes of a certain style or period: we have been able to build homes ranging from the ultra-modern to the most traditional and everything in-between!

House Hauck is finished off in a white render on the ground floor and larch painted silver-grey on the part-upper floors. This reinforces the concept of the building sitting low in the landscape, and the low angled roofs and slate roof tiles complete the illusion. Adjacent to the main house is the clients Art studio, a perfect retreat to work from in the beautiful garden and surrounds.

Baufritz believe in homes that are not only beautiful to look at, but are built with longevity in mind. Hand-in-hand with this comes the promise of a low-maintenance home and House Hauck is a perfect example of this. The white render is coloured through so that, over time when the render may fade due to weathering, it can be refreshed by merely washing it down: the need to repaint is therefore totally negated. The house also embraces the concept of "Cradle-to-Cradle" where the use of all the materials and technologies are easily recycled and reused.
Liz and Mike Hauck also chose to go with Baufritz's patented silver-grey finish to the larch cladding. Left exposed to the elements, larch will always fade to a silver-grey, and the Baufritz paint mimics this natural colouration. This, however, is affected by the amount of sunlight, rain or general exposure to the elements over time: Essentially, the timber will age at different rates according to its location. By using the silver-grey paint, the timber is subtly aged over time to its natural silver-grey colour, whilst the paint slowly fades away to reveal the natural colour behind. It is a unique and elegant way to ensure the house ages gracefully without ever looking unsightly.
The house plan steps in and out according to the views, aspect or function of each room. As in a traditional Prairie house in its form, the use of a fireplace is central to the home: The fireplace create a comfortable living room environment in those long, cold winter months. This fireplace would naturally heat not only the living room, but the dining room to which is linked by a set of beautifully crafted doors which slide gracefully away into secret pockets within the walls to open up the spaces when entertaining their large group of friends.
In fact, the whole design of the ground floor is centered around guests, with a beautiful flow of space between the kitchen, dining and living rooms echoing a traditional way of entertaining ones guests. The kitchen is breathtaking, with a stunning central island in the shape of a wave – this is where guests are welcomed, and the kitchen gives to the morning patio area. Similarly, the living and dining areas give way to a luxurious external lounge under cover ensuring alfresco dining is ensured whatever the weather!
The client chose Baufritz as their partner not only for the ability to build the country house to such a high standard of finishes, but also due to the fact that Liz is sensitive to Electrosmog. Baufritz's unique system ensures that all materials used are healthy and not harmful to the environment. The building envelope is furthermore covered in a carbon-shield, cutting out 98 percent of any Electrosmog in the nearby vicinity. This ensures not only a wonderful living environment, but also one free of any low-level radiation from external influences which cannot be controlled by the client.