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Company History

When master carpenter Sylvester Fritz opens the carpenter's workshop "Fritz" in 1896, no one can have imagined that one of the most innovative eco-home building companies in Europe will emerge from these small beginnings. The expert craftsmanship, creativity and pioneer spirit of the Fritz family becomes the basis for the unique Baufritz' 'complete eco solutions home'. More than 117 years of experience and science today make their way into every Baufritz home.


Master carpenter Sylvester Fritz founds the Baufritz company. Mainly homes, agricultural buildings, half-timbered houses and roof trusses are being built.


Son Johann Fritz, also a master carpenter, takes over his father's business.


Construction of the first Baufritz log cabin in Auenberg.


Expansion and modernisation of production facilities with modern machinery to support the hand craftsmanship.


Construction of holiday villages and various timber buildings.


Hubert Fritz started working as a master carpenter in the company and began with natural building and construction methods - the basis for modern, cost-optimized and sustainable building.


Further advancement in timber construction with an increasing focus on ecology.


First patents for wood shaving insulation.


Hubert Fritz took over the company in its 3rd generation and founded the research and development department. He is also dedicated to intensive networking with colleges, universities and researchers.


Baufritz is the first timber house manufacturer in Germany to receive the RAL Quality Mark for outstanding achievements in the assembly of prefabricated houses.

Restructuring and consistent focus on organic design. The goal: avoiding all chemical substances and replacing them with healthy natural building materials.


Baufritz is awarded the Gold Bavarian State Prize for exceptional craftsmanship in timber house construction.


Development and patenting of a new world of organic insulation material: "HOIZ". This innovative insulation consists of wood shavings, making it 100 % organic.


Baufritz builds a new modern factory including a new model house, named 'Klassik': a house constructed from exclusively environmentally friendly building materials, based on advanced building technology and sophisticated architecture.


Baufritz receives the Bavarian Heritage Award (Bayerischer Heimatpreis) for the newly developed 'Junges Dorf' (young village) communicative residential project. A milestone for pioneering residential projects – environmentally responsible, energy-efficient, eco-effective, and designed to last for generations.


Hubert Fritz was chosen Eco-Manager of the Year by the business magazine Capital and WWF.


Baufritz celebrates its 100th anniversary.
Opening of the DENK-WERK-STATT, a creative thinking-group, in Europe's large wood region located along the A96. This is where visions for ecologically sound construction are created.


Health innovation from Baufritz: launch of the electro smog protection level Xund -E. Each Baufritz house is equipped as standard from now on with this unique cover.


The insulating material HOIZ is awarded the European eco-seal natureplus.


Baufritz establishes its Swiss subsidiary, Baufritz AG.


The company was passed over to the 4th generation when Dagmar Fritz-Kramer took over management in June of this year.


Opening of the HausSchneiderei, the first house-planning centre with sensual experiences of architectural style worlds.


Award for being the most family-friendly company in Germany.

Dagmar Fritz-Kramer is voted business-woman of the year.


Awarded the German sustainability prize, sponsored by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Recipient of the 2009 Bavarian Quality Award (Bayerischer Qualitätspreis) for our holistically designed, health-promoting eco-homes.


Baufritz receives the Bavarian State Medal (Bayerische Staatsmedaille) for its status as one of the most innovative and sustainable companies in Bavaria.


A world's first from Baufritz: Healthy and virtually flicker-free LED technology.

Baufritz receives the B.A.U.M. Environmental Award for the second time (first received in 1997), one of Germany's most prestigious environmental awards.

Baufritz wins the Golden Cube – Germany's top award for prefabricated homes – in the 'Ecology' category.


Baufritz is proud to possess the internationally recognized Green Brand seal for sustainable and climate-protecting products.


The health-promoting qualities of Baufritz homes are recognised as the company is awarded the 'recommended healthy living environment' ('wohnmedizinisch empfohlen') quality seal by the renowned Blei Instutut, an EU-wide institute specialising in interior toxicology.

Baufritz opens the "Alpenchic" show house in its building centre in Poing near Munich. The house is not only an architectural highlight, but also guarantees ease of use and low operating costs with pioneering Smarthome-  and newly developed fuel cell technology.


Dagmar Fritz-Kramer and Mario Reisacher form Baufritz's new executive board.

Dagmar Fritz-Kramer is awarded the Bavarian Order of Merit by Bavarian Minister President Horst Seehofer for her outstanding contributions to environmental and social projects.


Celebrating natural growth:
Baufritz celebrates its 120th anniversary.

The 'Haussicht' show house is built in Erkheim in collaboration with the renowned Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli. A visionary building ensemble with a design that depicts the many facets of future home environments.


The new western-side production hall for manufacturing prefabricated walls, completed in 2016, goes into operation. With barely half a year for the construction, the timber structure is completed in just two weeks, and the eastern-side production hall's total production area is supplemented by an additional 3,000 square metres.


With the world's first natureplus© eco-label certification, Baufritz sets the highest standard for healthy living houses.

Baufritz is the only house manufacturer using wood floor adhesive that is 100% free of hazardous plasticisers (the chemicals needed for spreading varnish).

Dagmar Fritz-Kramer has been awarded the "Entrepreneur of The Year 2018". Baufritz is very proud to have received an award for its commitment to the development of ecological and sustainable building construction methods.

With Baufritz towards the future