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Building with Baufritz means building in a health-friendly way and living healthily. With our holistic approach we identify and eliminate environmental factors that are detrimental to your health during the planning of your house.
We look after the health
and wellbeing of your family.

Your reason for building with us

For those customers interested we offer a comprehensive construction plot analysis. To avoid any subsequent health problems our trained technicians thoroughly test the biological makeup of each plot: From electric and alternating magnetic fields, through to electromagnetic waves to geological faults – we will carry out our expert analysis for you with the latest measuring technology. You will then receive a detailed and easy to understand report with all the findings and specific recommendations for action. On that basis, you can react in a timely manner with your planning and adopt measures in cooperation with your architect.
Natural materials, thoroughly tested for pollutants

No secrets about
our building materials!

Baufritz uses only high quality, low-pollutant building materials. These have been carefully selected by our experts on the basis of low-pollutant emission profiles. Additional safety is provided by our own laboratory, a simplified test chamber. We completely dispense with critical materials such as PU construction foams for the sake of your health. Materials such as mineral fibre insulation, vinyl or laminate flooring, as well as solvent-based paints and adhesives are in our houses replaced by  unproblematic  substances.
Only products with the lowest emissions are used for a Baufritz home. We provide you with a 100% healthy living environment in your home.

Indoor air measurements – The security of breathing nothing but fresh air

The so-called ambient-air measurement, performed after you move into your new house is part of the unique Baufritz health concept. It fulfils the highest standards for allergy-friendly and pollution certified residential living. This individual analysis in your home and the consequent laboratory test are performed free of charge. The data of the ambient-air measurement is fed into the "Baufritz air manager", a special statistics software, able to detect abnormalities immediately.
We are happy to document the excellent Baufritz values ​​with our quality, health and energy certificates. With more than 800 indoor air measurements in different stages of construction we have a wealth of experience that is unique in the home building industry in Europe.


Our tests will even include the analysis of the property for external environmental influences of any kind. During the planning of your house our architects and experts pay attention to any load factors. Thus, for example, the bedrooms are protected from zones of geological faults. The built-in protection against electromagnetic pollution levels (Xund-E) also protects against harmful cell phone radiation. Detailed product information about the materials used are available in all construction phases. Those of our customers who do some of the interior work themselves receive detailed advice for the use of good finishing materials tested for harmful substances. Our health professionals and building biologists (IBN) are trained advisors who care about your health from the beginning. And contaminants do not enter the house.


At home allergens give little rest to those affected, robbing them of breath, sleep and often their last nerves. We at Baufritz deal with that completely. We build allergy-free rooms. For you, your child and the entire family. Baufritz received as one of the first construction companies in Europe, the Allergy Seal ALLÖKH, which places particular importance on building materials with a low pollutant content and low emissions. Depending on the type and testing of personal allergies, we use individual measures such as pollen locks. And reduce the burden to a tolerable minimum.