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Healthy living starts at home

Baufritz believes that a house should offer its occupants more than just a "roof over their heads"; it should protect them from external influences which may adversely affect their wellbeing and actively promote good health. Our work with building biologists and environmental specialists has ensured Baufritz houses provide the healthiest possible environment- particularly for allergy sufferers.
AiR QUALITY allergy-compliant
tested for
harmful substances of
natural materials
Intelligent on demand

electro smog
protection of the highest

Overall healthy
living with

Healthy living

starts at home

The best air is included! 100 % healthy building materials, intelligent CO2-controlled comfort ventilation and our permeable complete-solution wall are proven guarantees of healthy air. Inhale, breathe, and enjoy life.

Tested for hazardous

No bells, no whistles and no false facts. We say what we use and what we don't. We say no to PU construction foams, chemical insulation materials, toxic adhesives and laminate flooring. We say yes to 100% tested building material. With Baufritz you live healthier!


Healthy from the ground up

We prevent health risks from the outset holistically. For this, upon request, we will check your plot thoroughly. On that basis we can react in time and discuss appropriate protection and planning measures. For your health!

minded - since 1896

We do not rely on the judgement of others. All materials for our ecosystems and design houses will be screened to the last detail in our own test chamber and by external institutes. What is not considered 100% health checked, will not be used. This is one of our Baufritz principles.

Best interior air quality from us is for free!

We do what others do not! We are the only construction company which carries out - for your safety - a comprehensive air measurement in your home, which demonstrates the excellent quality of your healthy Baufritz eco house.


Our free
protection package

Electro smog protection for us is self-evident. With Baufritz you can almost eliminate the radiation in your home. And finally sleep reassured.

Protected, shielded and demagnetised

Exclusively for the health of our customers, we have developed together with the electro-smog expert Dr. Moldan our Xund-E and Xund-E-Plus protection levels. As an inner layer of protection integrated in all external walls and in the roof, they shield from up to 95-99 % of all externally applied radiation.
Our holistic health concept not only offers leading protection against electro smog radiation from the outside, but also deals comprehensively with electromagnetic fields and causes inside your house. We demagnetize all steel components and shield any electrical cables.